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Why does my LG phone say it's out of memory even after I've deleted all the pictures?

Asked by camertron (2114points) June 9th, 2011 from iPhone

For whatever reason my ex-girlfriend’s LG phone won’t take a picture because it says it’s out of memory. She has deleted a bunch of her existing photos to make room, but she still gets the message. What’s going on here?

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Where are you sending the photo to, chip or RAM on phone? You may be sending the photo to the phone chip and you emptied the removable memory.

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Memory and storage are different things. You deleted stuff from storage, but that makes no difference in how much free memory you have. Put another way, emptying out your kitchen cabinets won’t change the fact that your countertop is too cluttered to work on.

How many programs are running? What else is the phone doing?

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Thanks guys I’ll forward your answers on to Carly. She doesn’t have a smartphone so I don’t really think it’s a memory issue, but that’s a great explanation. I’ll see what she says.

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If there’s memory on an add-on miniSD it could be lose. Reseat it.

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nothing to do with photos as @jerv states. Too many apps are starting up and using memory.
Review the apps and delete what is not needed.

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It could also be something a little more subtle. As it is not a smartphone, it won’t fill RAM with running apps like my Droid X does (she probably doesn’t play 3D games or run AutoCAD on her phone) but there are things that many dumbphones have like calendars and alarm clocks that may eat away at the memory.

@dabbler I have tried to take pictures on a dumbphone that was already full of pictures and I got a completely different error. If the phone says “memory”, it means memory. SD cards are storage.

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It sounds like something else was taking up extra memory because I suggested she reboot the phone and voila! Problem solved. Must have been a couple of extra processes running, although I’m not sure how that’s possible. Thank you all for your help!

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Rebooting often helps with many things, which is why I generally reboot my Droid X at least every other day.

Happy to hear things worked out for you :)

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Yay reboot !

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