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Can you help me negotiate this domain name, that I was approached to see if I would sell?

Asked by rexpresso (920points) June 10th, 2011

Below the email that I received.
What steps do you suggest?
I could indeed use resources to advance my mission.
Money or help with my online work, are good.
I just don’t want to sell the domain short, or make a bad deal of any sort.
Thanks for any ideas.



Are you interested in selling ______.COM?

I can offer cash, or a combination of cash, dev work on [[my personal website]], and/or hosting. Or, a domain trade.

Let me know your thoughts.


_______ _____

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What is the domain name? this would be vital in determining a price. Just remember it ultimately comes down to what the buyer will pay.

It all depends on the domain, If you own “” then I would suggest you dont sell for a penny less than 100 million US dollars. If you own “” then $20 bucks would be a good deal.

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You may want to head to your local library/bookstore & check out Get Rich Click The fella that wrote it was on The View this week and described a situation much like yours and described how he made his millions selling domain names & such on the Net.

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Thanks. My question is more in the sense of how to conduct the negotiations…

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I think he describes that(negotiations) in the book…that’s why I suggested it.

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Well sorry @SpatzieLover — and thanks.

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The easy way is just to base it off of a price that would make you happy. Remember transferring is going to take a bit of your time.

1) Think of a price that would make you excited to sell it, then add 25%.
2) Send that back to him and see what he says. Something along the lines of

Dear Mr. Domain Man,

Thanks for getting in touch. I’d definitely consider selling, [and do | but don’t] need help with, thanks for offering.

If I were to sell I’d want to get a value of about [magic number + 25%]. (discuss how you’d want to figure out the value of development time if you’re interested in that)

Does that sound reasonable? Let me know your thoughts and we’ll go from there.

Thanks again for getting in touch,

Rexpresso and the whole Saving the World Crew
(see, you discussed with “your people”)

3) If you never hear from him again, he was hoping to get it a lot cheaper. If he make a counter offer, hopefully it’s close to your original number and you can accept.
4) Save world with new found funds.

You can spend all day doing research on it, but you may be worlds apart on price and it would just be a waste of time. If he’s offering a domain in exchange, he’s probably got quite a few and has a ballpark in mind already.

If you want to research it, I’d try to find out as much as I could about his business, does he put up parking pages and collect off the ads? Is he likely to develop a site for the domain? Is the development time he’s offering you worth anything? Can you find examples of work he’s done for others?

The basics are going to be the same whether you spend a week on this or 10 minutes though, so I’d just shoot him a quick email Monday with your happy number and go from there.

Good luck.

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Thank you @funkdaddy that was an awesome answer

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