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Any good homemade remedies/facials/masks for acne that help?

Asked by leopardgecko123 (777points) June 10th, 2011

I have had moderate acne for about three years and have tried all those things like Proactive, Murad, etc. that promise they work and none have had any effect whatsoever. Almost everything that my dermatologists have given me has not worked. Even peels, blue-u treatment, or one of their facials have not worked. What I’m using now is Epiduo, Peter Thomas Roth spot treatment, and Peter Thomas Roth clearing gel. This has been probably the first out of about 50 things to work. I don’t have clear skin yet, but I am on my way, slowly. I just want a homemade facial or something that will give it a “boost” and clear up little spots quick. And, my skin is very sensitive and gets red easily and very often. Is there any mask or something that can help with redness or lotion? Thanks!!

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Eat a low glycemic diet In my experience it will clear you right up & is healthier for you. Anything you do to the outside of your body regarding your acne will be temporary.

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I think a few drops of tea tree aromatherapy oil in facial cotton would be the best home remedy I could suggest, along with some extra Vit E and C.

I’ve been using a complete product of Tea Tree from The Body Shop and it really works for me. The result won’t be as fast and as tremendous as other super-formulated products but it’s natural and effective, only takes time and dedication.

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I had bad acne in 8th grade, someone told me toothpaste would work. I liked the cooling effects, the tightening effects, and I don’t know if it was true or if my gullible 8th grade mind, but I found that something in the toothpaste did help make them smaller. I’d rub it on in the AM (before brusing the teeth, LOL) and wash it off after I was doing my morning tasks of getting ready.

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If you use honey, make sure it’s raw and unfiltered. In the US, doctors will tell you not to feed honey to children under the age of two, but it’s because most honey here has been cooked and filtered to death, and the natural antibacterial qualities have been destroyed.

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Buy some aspirin. Get about 6 tablets in the palm of your hand and put a small amount of water over the tablets. Let the tablets dissolve and massage it into your skin. You can also add honey and essential oils. You can let the mask sit on your skin or use it as a scrub. It can be used daily.
This works because aspirin is essentially salicylic acid. It’s my favorite acne treatment!

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Toothpaste! Leave it on for a bit, let it tingle, wash it off. Especially good for nipping in the bud zits that haven’t quite formed yet but threaten to.

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My daughters have acne on their legs, and they just tried my natural deodorant on them. It’s cleared it up completely, but it does tend to leave their skin a bit dry. We use a stone that’s in an applicator, but you can also get it in a clear ball. Ours is Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone, and we get ours from a health food store.

I’m providing a link so you can see the picture, but I know nothing about the people who run this site:

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@Facade beta-hydroxy acid is not for everyone!!! Some people have to avoid it as it may make the condition worse because some acne is different.

For those who can’t use beta-hydroxy acid *Myself included. Try Witch Hazel. It doesn’t really work on really bad acne, but they have spot treatment for old scars now that are excellent!

@Snowberry I have never heard of that before! Do you know if it works on the neck?

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Hey Gab, you won’t know unless you try it. My daughters tell me that no matter what they use its effectiveness wears off after a while. Now they have several remedies that work for them, but they have to switch them out. The key is to use it for a few days and switch to the next one before it stops being effective and they break out.

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