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What is the strangest thing your dog has done, or does?

Asked by dannyc (5223points) June 10th, 2011

My old 16 year old dog just passed on, but she was quite the strange little puppy. The weird thing was that she pounced on every opportunity to get into the car. Once there you could not budge her unless you drove her around town for a bit. It had to be for a prolonged period too…at least 20 minutes. Less than that and she would be unremoveable, scowling, growling, and snapping at you until she had her fill of a trip. If you were to try and get her out before the allotted time, your life was in your hands. As great a dog she was, I never broke her from this strange habit. Wondering if other stories are out there matching the “weird” dog story phenomenon.

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Sorry to hear about your dog.

I had a dog who dug up a fossilized root or piece of wood and brought it to me.

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Sorry that you lost your beloved dog. She sounds like quite a character. My greyhound has a strange habit. He sticks his tongue out of the side of his mouth.

If I could get him to do it on cue, I could make a fortune, but alas he only does it on his own schedule.

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Mine steals chewing gum and toothpaste (loves that minty fresh breath) and we have to make sure we put it out of his reach. The first thing he does in the morning, is run to my husband’s bedside table to see if per chance he has left his packet of chewing gum there. I am sorry to hear about your dog too. So sad when they pass on.

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A boxer I had previously would line up her toys in a straight line or in a triangle. It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. I would put them all up and when I would leave and come back, they were lined up. She didn’t even play with them.
I’m so sorry for the loss of your dog. Sixteen years is a good, long life.

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@chyna. Yes, a long time. I miss her dearly, she was a great real spirit in this hard world. Thanks for your sentiments.

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My ‘dog’ is a goose. My avatar

‘Marwyn’ is 13 this year, had him since he was a 2 week old gosling.
Follows me just like a dog, knows about 20 words, including commands of ‘wait’, ‘stay’, ’‘in’, ‘out’, ‘up’ ‘down’.
He likes car rides too, sits in the front seat on a towel with the seatbelt, and swimming with me.
We have taken many trips to the lake and river.
He is afraid of the wild geese. He hides behind me in the water. lol
His wife prefers to stay home and swim in her pool. haha

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My last dog spent hours upon hours chasing her tail. I tried like heck to teach her to do This to no avail.
Sorry about the loss of your companion.

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He scratched his way through the side door on my garage. That is when I discovered the door (original construction) was a hollow core interior door instead of the solid core required for all exterior doors. Too bad the house was 20 years old at the time, I could have sued them.

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Losing a friend is never easy. Mine passed away many years ago but he’s still in my heart so to speak. Strangest thing he did? Put up with me for 11 years. : )

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I have only had Sadie 5 weeks so anything she does is “weird” to me….but she did manage to find a pair of reading glasses I lost in our woods. How she found them let alone the fact she knew they were my glasses still blows me away. I have a feeling she will surprise me a bunch here on out!! ;)

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@Cruiser Will Sadie also find the dead body? LOL. : )

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@mazingerz88 shhhhh…I am teaching her NOT to dig!!

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@Cruiser Teaching her not to dig? Might as well teach Sarah Palin not to speak. Oops, sorry if I offend. Lol. : )

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She refuses to go onto the grass. It’s too wet, and she’s quite the little princess. Taking her to go pee is a 10–15 minute process, as she walks around finding that juuuuuuuusssst right area in which to enter the Grass O Death. Sorry for your loss.

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My dog has an odd nightly ritual that happens like clockwork.

During the late evening, he sleeps near me (on the floor or in one of his dog beds) but won’t go to the actual human bed until I do. Every single night, when I go to bed, I lay down and he gets comfy either at my feet or behind my back. Then, within 10–15 min he will get up, go down his doggy steps (our bed is too high for him to jump up on so he has steps) ..then go into our master bathroom and drink some of his water. He then comes back up his doggy steps and gets comfy again.
I don’t know why he doesn’t get his fill of water before coming up onto the bed, the first time. It’s an odd habit

I’m very sorry for your loss. Losing a companion is difficult.

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I asked my dog Mel how he was doing and I swear he said,“I don’t know!”
It was pretty funny and very strange. ;)

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