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What do bees eat?

Asked by jm3 (55points) January 21st, 2009

Horribly curious.

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Pollen and nectar. Google it, damn it.

Haven’t you ever seen the Honey, I Shrunk The Kids! movies? I mean, christ.

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I demand to know who GQ’d this.

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Chill out. jm3 doesn’t hang out much. They might not know the ins-and-outs.

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Bah! Fine. It just seems like we’ve hit peak season the last week or so on google questions.

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@asmonet :: You are a n00b. You don’t even know what bad looks like. Get back to me when every question is how to install the iPhone SDK. I had the answer open in textedit so I could copy and paste.

A bit more tack would be nice.

And trust me…. I was the dick for a long time. But offering advice is a better approach now.

edit :: grammar

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You’re still sounding like a dick right now, maybe a little tact is in order for you as well.

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Fair enough.

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If tact was in order, sites like Let me Google that for You wouldn’t exist.

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Bees eat steak. Rare. With a smidge of A1. I’ve seen it.

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I’ve seen wasps chow down on a raw steak before.
No miniature bottle of A1 though.
Disappointing, I know.

Is anyone else a little freaked out that there are winged insects that like the taste of raw flesh meat? They’re not isolated to some remote jungle either. I’m sure you all have seen one, right?

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not steaks, veal

@Nimbis when they sting people it tells them what they taste like lets hope they never decide to add people to the menu

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This tubby mother f’ckr. Look at him, sat there smiling. Cheeky asshole.

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My sister has 7 hives of honey bees. She leaves some honey for them during the winter and also gives them sugar water during non-growing season. I am not sure of the mechanism, but Google is, indeed, your friend.

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And in general, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. There has been a huge amount of coy and flirtatious dialog recently, that was unrelated to coyness, flirting, and irrelevant chit-chat. Fun for some, coma-inducing for others. Remember the chat room and keep it holy, please.

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I agree. I absolutely hate when people ask questions that take 2 minute google search. :S
that is partially a reason I ask a lot of opinionated questions…
It’s cool though, jm3.

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Try Googling this or using Wikipedia. Hint: Pollen!

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LOL – @asmonet was a newbie then,. Ryan was just getting nicer and chewed him out, while he OP has since disappeared, and has become a useful website. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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