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So you think you have a cute pet?

Asked by Stefaniebby (1170points) March 12th, 2011

Show me! What are their names? What are they like? Mean? Messy? Cuddly? Lazy?

Here are mine :)

Pigsty, a dwarf cat, is the youngest. She’s the sweetest little carefree bundle of joy, and she’s got the most adorable raspy meow. She loves to give kisses and jump on things, although she can’t really jump that high. The klutz of the group, Pigsty has fallen into numerous water bowls, bird feeders, and off every couch shes ever walked on.

Tuppers is the genius. In December 2004, when we got him, my mom decided to take him with when she was picking me up from school. When I opened the car door he raced out and ran. I lost him and was devastated. One week and one awful blizzard later Tuppers was found crying right outside my front door. He hiked 2 miles and found his way back home, and God he was FAT. He’s sophisticated and loves to lay on my lap the moment I come home.

Miss. Chub is my beautiful, loving toy poodle. She’s 11 years old and still living strong. She loves everyone and is the most playful poodle I’ve ever had (out of 3 others). She’s always happy and love, love, loves to play fetch. She also thinks she’s some sort of big, tough, dog and loves to stand her ground and pick a fight with other animals (here is a picture of her, full speed, after she spotted some ducks) Miss. Chub is the best, she is by far the most loving poodle ever. :) <3

Ranger Danger Pants is our hunting dog. He’s basically an 8 year old puppy, and he thinks he is small enough to lay on your lap. He’s very lazy and loves to lay out in the sun and swim in the lakes. He’s a crier though, whenever dad leaves it’s cry, cry, cry. Some might find it annoying, we think it’s cute :). He really makes you feel like you’re loved and when you come home he is there at the door, barking and waiting for you to come in and give him a hug. Oh yeah, he also loves to give you hugs, he might knock you over though!

Last, but not least, there’s Doodle a loving Cocka-Poo. Doodle is the pup of the family. He’s VERY affectionate and just wants to be loved by the other animals. Moving in, Doodle wasn’t very accepted by the other dogs. Now, however, he’s formed a “father – son” relationship with Ranger and is happier than ever! Doodle loves to play in the snow, but hates the water. He’s scared of almost anything and he is VERY scared of strange men in the house. He’s slowly getting over his fear of unknown men, and is living a happy life full of trouble and rolling in mud. :)

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I have 5. Maybe 2 are.

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2. Both very cute.

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<—-Zuppy. Cute and a bit berserk.

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@JilltheTooth what kind of dog is that? He (She?) looks ADORABLE!

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Here is Smoochie in various cute poses.

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@Buttonstc aww! I like “Smoochie Squint” the best :) Sooo cute!

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@Stefaniebby : He’s a Puli , a Hungarian shepherd. Often they have dreadlocks, but I didn’t want to take care of that coat… He’s a wild thing, even at 10 years old, but he’s a happy guy…

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@JilltheTooth Wow! I wouldn’t want to take care of that coat either! He’s super cute though, I bet he was adorable as a pup :)

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This is Archer. He’s very handsome. He likes to sit in the sink, sleep on his face, and just be silly. Also, he can jump really high.

Here’s Magrat. She’s a little chubby, but still pretty funny, and of course I think she’s beautiful just how she is.

And this is my favourite picture of Archer with Esme, my dearly departed kitty. She was pretty silly, too, and, of course, gorgeous.

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@Seelix Aww, they are all so adorable! I’m sorry for your loss with Esme :( Hopefully your other two kitties have been giving you a lot of love and cuddles to help you smile :)

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<—That’s Diesel, in the snow. I think he’s pretty damn handsome and his mannerisms are adorable.

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@Taciturnu He is very handsome! His coat color is very beautiful :)

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@Seelix Was Magrat named after the Discworld character? I’m guesing that since another is named Esme that that is the case.

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@incendiary_dan – You betcha! Magrat Garlick and Esme Weatherwax :) I thought it might be weird to name a male cat Nanny Ogg, though!

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Here’s our cat Duncan, but he’s bigger now. And here’s one of my favorite videos of him =)

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Say hello to Xena. She wants you to play in the snow with her.

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Such cutie pies!

@Facade – Duncan is very handsome and silly :)

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@downtide Xena is cute!

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Gotta say, I think we all have some pretty cute animals fur babies!! :)

@lucillelucillelucille How old is Gracie? She has an awesome stance in that pic! Great ears, too!

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I thought I had a cute pet(Mikey the border collie), until he peed on the rug last night.

He needs to be in doggy diapers. He is 12 years old and has a loose bladder.

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@john65pennington That sometimes happens with senior citizens.

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Milo here; Gail is not as cute as she thinks she is, but she’s OK.

And she ruined my close-up here.

A recent snap from my gymnastics class:Here

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@Taciturnu She is now five years old and is still a cute baby.Diesel is a pretty dog.:)

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@lucillelucillelucille: MIlo here: Boy, I wouldn’t want to meet Bill on a dark night.

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This is my furball. Yes I do think he’s cute because he absolutely is one of the cutest things on planet earth…..he’s so soft and cuddly and needy and sometimes annoying and he’s fat and loves to eat and AHH i love him so much! His name is Barry. He also gives hugs. No joke. He has a lot of nicknames like Barney, Barnabus, Lard, Fatty….

And this is my pupkins from home, her names Raggs. Pure mutt. The other cutest thing in the world.

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Chyna, thanks. Seriously, Mikey has a dribble problem. He stands straight up and everytime he barks, he pees a little. Do they make doggie Depends for K-9s?

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@john65pennington Yes they actually do make doggie depends. Here

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@Seelix LOLOLOLOL i LOLd loudly at the one of Magrat being “pretty funny”. That’s hilarious. What’s the story behind that face?

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Bear and Spot

That’s Spot on the left, Bear on the right. We owned a blue heeler that mated with a black lab. We ended up with six puppies, found homes for four of them and kept these two cuties. They were the only two born with all white fur, the rest were born with black fur. The spots filled in when they were about 6 months old. They are a handful, but very sweet and loyal.

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@jonsblond What beautiful dogs!

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@chyna Thank you =)

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@gailcalled He really is a sweet boy and would share his food with Milo :)

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@deni – I caught her in an open-eyed yawn :)

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@ratboy Awww, they are hugging each other.

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Was Barry trying to audition for a starring role in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” ?

He’s got some height on that jump. Is there a story behind that pic ?

He looks like he’s ready for a Kung-Fu fight :)

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Here’s some kitteh love. The black kitty is 6 months old. She was going to be a barn cat, but we brought her in the house once her littermate disappeared. We’ve had the other cat, Po, for two years now. He’s more handsome than cute. imo

@ratboy love the pic. So cute!

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@Buttonstc I often toss him. He loves it. He’s a weirdo. lol.

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Had….my pup

Now my bunny

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@Facade Duncan is so adorable! Those eyes are gorgeous!
@chyna That Boxer looks T-U-F-F :) Very Handsome though, like Tony Montana ;)
@lucillelucillelucille Gracie is beautiful! That coat! And your cats are verrrry beautiful too. Bill looks badass ;)
@downtide Xena is soo cuute! Beautiful brown eyes!
@gailcalled Milo you are cute! Very sophisticated looking!
@deni LOLOLOL Berry looks like a fun bundle of fur! And Rags is so cute, smiling :)
@jonsblond Bear and Spot are adorable! Very unique color! And that picture of your cats is sooo adorable, kitty love <3
@ratboy Meiko and Babe are so cute! I love cat hugs!
@Cruiser That dog is beautiful, great stance. And your bunny is awesome! I’ve always wanted one and yours is adorable!

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Here’s a picture of my doglet/dorg/mutt-dog/dogface/Little Dog/etc., Carina. She’s been a pretty amazing dog so far. The photo quality isn’t the best; she hates having her picture taken.

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@Nullo Way cute dog!

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@Stefaniebby Ranger Danger Pants is adorable! I’m not sure how to show you guys pictures of my dogs from my Pictures on my laptop though..

I have a goldendoodle named Lily. She looks just like this but with shorter hair and she is much bigger. She is the most gentle, tolerant, and loving dog I have ever had.

I also have a shih tzu name Little Chief. We didn’t name him but we kept it because it is cute. He is my Nana’s dog’s puppy. He looks just like this. This picture looks like it’s him it’s so close.

Lastly, I have a mixed breed dog named Milo. We rescued him from a shelter, and he is part poodle, and shih tzu I think. He sort of looks like this but less poodle-like.

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Milo here; ^^ OMG. Another Milo, and a dog, to boot? What’s the world coming to?

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@gailcalled I know! Milo is supposed to be the cat lol. My family didn’t name him, the shelter gave him that name. In his previous home, which was abusive, he was named Dexter. We don’t say that name near him though because it would probably scare him.

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@deni Rags looks just like my dog Milo, he is a mutt too. I also call my goldendoodle Lily a fatty sometimes, lol!

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No one could be cuter than Onslow, my cream and white British shorthair cat – a Cheshire Cat. My granddaughter calls him “the fat one.” He stands in front of the clothes dryer when I am unloading it, hoping to snag himself a piece of dryer lint. (Don’t ask me what that’s all about – I have never seen a cat that loves dryer lint before.) He is just our big, squishy guy.

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Mine are both ferrets.

Rowzi: Hyper, bad, escape artist, smart, cute, energetic, cage escaper, fence climber, under-the-door-squeezer (She’s a ferret and is skinny enough to squeeze under the door at my dads house)

Moe: Fat, handsome, gorgeous, has every color a ferret can have in him, lazy, loves to wake his sister by licking her, loves toys; he even has his own corner where he ptakes them and plays with them!, hates ferret treats, thinks he can chew his way out of things when he can’t, funny

I love my ferrets. Rowzi can escape anything when Moe can’t escape anything due to his big belly!

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All so cute! Here are my little friends:
picture 1
picture 2
(almost 3 years) and Esther (3 months)

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Where have all the Jellies gone, so long ago…..

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