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Why is Chrome the only browser that works?

Asked by metadog (378points) June 11th, 2011

Hi! I have a new HP desktop running Windows 7 Home. All of a sudden, IE stopped working “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage,” then I downloaded Firefox, that won’t work either. Chrome works fine. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Just go with it. Chrome is so much better than other browsers. You are lucky. Seriously.

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I don’t know why @metadog was unable to use Firefox successfully. I have no gripes with Chrome, but I love so many of the Firefox features and add-ons that make my browsing a better experience.

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If you are a chrome fan, may I suggest RockMelt? It is Chrome based and signs in through facebook. On the left side of our screen are your facebook friends (you can star the friends you correspond with most. On the right you can add other feeds such as twitter, flickr,etc as well as your email and favorite blog feeds. It’s like app icons. When something new is added to the feed, a new blog entry, mail, etc-it keeps track of the number of new to you items. The search window opens in small column within the page and you have the option of viewing the search page in place of your current screen or opening a specific item in new tab or window. I love it! I’ve used it since the Beta version. I even use it at work. It is the best in my opinion. Now, if you are not a fan of Google Chrome you probably will not appreciate RockMelt.

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I am a Chrome fan, but I like having other browsers since some sites still work better in IE. I am concerned that IE and FF not working are indicators of a larger problem.

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I“m not a techie (a techie wannabe, yes, but sadly, no techie) but I did have the problem once and was told to check my firewall and safeguard features. As I said, I’m no techie, so I played around in the control panel (I can feel real tech people cringing, sorry) and did something that seemed to work for awhile but for the life of me I cannot remember what I did….while searching YouTube tutorials I discovered a RockMelt video…haven’t worried about IE since. I know they have a series of computer books for beginners from everything to the basics. I’ve seen different versions of IE books out there as well. Maybe there is something in there that could be helpful. Good Luck, wish I could help more.

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Seriously people, telling people to switch browsers or that browser x is better is not helpful at all…

If the problem exists across browsers it sounds like a larger issue that you want fixed regardless of what browser has your preference. Does this happen to all webpages you visit? What is the exact error message you get? Have you ran a virus scanner?

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I am with @Vincentt; if IE and Firefox won’t work, there are deeper issues in play here.

While I could go on about how Chrome is limited and the inability to run IE could actually be a good thing, that won’t help solve whatever problems your computer has. My gut is telling me that your proxy settings in the browser are incorrect. I know that I have had similar issues before and that was why. Also, FF occasionally goes into Offline Mode on it’s own (or maybe I forget to switch it back :/ ) and that causes similar issues.

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