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Should I continue to use Firefox?

Asked by wilma (16457points) February 22nd, 2012

I just updated to the newest version of Firefox. I had some issues with the update and couldn’t figure out a way out of the mess I had made, so I dumped the whole thing. I am ready to start over. Should I reinstall Firefox or is there something better out there?
I am not techno savvy at all. I need simple, familiar, fast and reliable. I have windows7 64bit whatever that means.
What do you suggest for me?

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Chrome is way better (in my opinion). I was a huge FF fan, but dropped it for Chrome a long time ago.

Note: Technically, I still do use FF since I am a developer and need to support FF. (also, Firebug) But, when I’m not debugging an app, it’s Chrome for web consumption.

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I agree with @tom_g. I’ve been using Chrome for years now instead of Firefox. It is faster and it does just about everything I want it to do. Firefox has more bells and whistles. It can print better. It downloads a little more intelligently, but I have learned to work with Chrome and am now very happy with it. Maybe once or twice a year it can’t do what I want it to, and I have to fire up Firefox… or even IE.

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I use Firefox most often but sometimes select chrome for its speed. I like the add-ons and extra features of Firefox!

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I use Opera, ChromePlus now it is called CollNovo, and Chrome for their speed.
But Fluther I watch on IE though, since on Chrome, for a reason, it is slow.
Firefox I uninstalled some versions ago.

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Yes you should. It is the only browser that is not made by a corporation. That is why I reject Chrome and Cohorts, anyway.
If you do not hate freedom, you use firefox.

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Everyone raves over Firefox. I find it crashes all too often.

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this should stay as it denotes in one word the fact that, for the average user, browser choice is really just a matter of taste. i like the taste of chrome.

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Yup, Chrome is better

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Suggesting other browsers is not really helpful I think. Mostly, it’s not necessary to reinstall, you can create a new profile to fix problems. In the future (second quarter of 2012, I believe) Firefox should be able to do this by itself if you encounter problems, but for now, these instructions should do.

What are the issues specifically? They might be solvable individually.

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I have Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Exploder installed. I find myself using Firefox most of the time, though Chrome definitely has some nice features, and even Internet Exploder has its good points.

Win7 64-bit means it takes bigger “bites” of memory at a time and software that’s written for it will run marginally faster. But it won’t run older software written for older versions of Windoze.

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No. Internet Exploder FTW!

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@Vincentt I mucked it up real good and couldn’t open Firefox at all anywhere. I already dumped it. Just trying to decide if I should try it again or switch. It is what I have been using for a few years and I’m familier with it, but I have had some issues that I didn’t know how to fix and that’s a problem. I think I probably would have problems with any of them, I just don’t know enough about computers.

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Chrome is lighter and faster. It’s very stable. But it’s harder to figure out how to control it and there are numberous things you can do with Firefox you can’t do with Chrome. I keep both running all day and use Firefox for those things it excels at.

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And what have you been smoking tonight :)

I’m going to assume you’re joking about IE.

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I’m happy with Firefox and don’t feel like giving away any more of my life to Google than I already have. I don’t like having my attention treated as a commodity to be sold to advertisers.

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@wilma So have you tried creating a new profile as described on the webpage I linked? Alternatively, here’s a page with a step-by-step procedure to find and fix your problem:

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I used to use FireFox exclusively, but I think I overdid it on the Greasemonkey scripts. I’m sure if I took them all out, Firefox would run as well as Chrome. But whenever I clean out all my scripts, I end up installing “oh.. just this one” and “oh.. just this one” until the same problem happens again.

I am a total Greasemonkey junkie.

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