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How much do you disregard the ones that need your help ?

Asked by Hibernate (9050points) June 11th, 2011

I’m a hundred percent sure that none helps all around him/her.
A lot of the time is not easy to take a look at a bum and give him money when you know all he’ll do is buy booze and smokes.
Though a lot of the one around you need our help and they can’t help themselves .. what do you do with them ? Do you help or disregard them ?
And I’m not talking only about friends and family or neigbhours. What about people you don’t know or only meet once. Do you help if you can or just pass by ?

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A lot of the time is not easy to take a look at a bum and give him money when you know all he’ll do is buy booze and smokes.

Meh. I like to give some change to the homeless, and cigarettes, too. They always appreciate it. I’ve had one homeless dude refuse my offer for a couple of cigs. He was a non smoker. Fancy that. But if he or she wants to buy booze or drugs with my money, that’s their choice. I’m not there to tell them how to live. Whatever helps them in this piece of shit world. They also like to talk a lot, many of them are lonely.
I suppose though, that it’s easy for me to feel good about myself by giving two bucks to some random homeless fucker when, after that, I can go back to my nice, warm home and brag all over the internet about how I’m all generous with homeless people. I also recycle like mad.

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Whever I see a busker or a homeless person, I feel it’s my duty to help em. I can’t ignore that person, in the cold. I don’t care what he’ll do with that money, even if he’ll buy some ciggies. If it brings him some comfort then I’m more than happy for him/her.

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On a scale of 1 to 10, maybe about a 5.

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Rarely….only dire personal demands would prevent me from helping someone out.

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Extremely rarely

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I only give what they need – problem is, they only ask for what they want.

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I haven’t met anyone who needs my help, they’ve only wanted it. If it seems like they don’t put any effort in, then it depends on my mood, either I’ll simply point them in the right direction, or point them in the utterly wrong direction to have a good laugh at failure.

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Even though I live below the poverty line, I still try to help others as much as I can.

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