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Can you come up with an awesome technology based ending line for a script?

Asked by Mrgelastic (513points) June 11th, 2011

I’m writing a script about the effects of technology and how it disconnects people, i am on the last line where the narrator says a cool line.. something along the lines of “technology was made to bring people together don’t let it disconnect you”

any suggestions?

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Something about technology.
[ in any case technology disconnects more than it brings people together since people are to comfy into meeting each other face to face rather than staying at home ]

I’m not that good when it comes on saying something cool.

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Technology is a means not an end. It is not the message it’s the medium. It is only as good as to be wielded wisely for what it is designated to accomplish and that is to establish a dynamic sensible path towards better understanding between and all human beings.

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True connection: stroking a childs hair; kissing a loved one; holding the hand of a sick friend… There is no ap for that.

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WScript.quit 0

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Technology is a powerful tool. Everybody talks and talks about all of the great new gadgets that have come down the pike over the last one hundred years, but sometimes technology, although potentially game changing for humans, gets in the way of our humanity. Everyone talks about technology and how great and useful and wonderful it is, but nobody is talking to each other.

When was the last time you sat down with a neighbor over coffee, or had a long intimate face to face conversation with an old friend, or looked up from your phone or computer just long enough to say hello to someone at the grocery store, or smiled at someone you passed on the street? Technology can be a wonderful tool, but it can’t and shouldn’t take the place of human kindness.

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“I think weeee… (puts on sunglasses) ...need to jack off”


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The technology mainframe is meant to help connect you to the human mainframe, don’t let the technology mainframe become a barrier to the human mainframe.

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