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Is it generally true that stupid is as stupid does?

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Is Chris Lee there too?

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Does Anthony Weiner look like Pauly Shore to anyone else?

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He seems to be getting treatment, but for what, exactly? Being stupid? Is there really a treatment for that?

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Yes…in HUGE way too! ;)

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He is smarmy to say the least.

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I thought the point of that phrase was that it doesn’t mean anything, so it was just something for his mother to say when people called him stupid?

For what it’s worth, I think he’s a great representative and if his wife has a problem with this it’s between them.

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This guy burlarized a drugstore. The alarm goes off. I am the first officers on the scene. I catch this guy behind the pharmacy desk, hiding. At gunpoint, I arrest him.

Stupid is as stupid does applies in this situation.

This idiot had on a pair of white socks on his hands,when arrested, in order to prevent leaving his fingerprints inside the pharmacy.

One sock had a hole in it and his fingerprints were everywhere.

He stated to me, “I just grabbed a pair of my socks to cover my fingerprints. I guess I should have looked for holes in them”. Well, duh !!!

Stupid is as stupid does….........

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Yes, stupid is as stupid does. For the most part. And that makes Anthony Weiner….... a weiner.

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