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When you read questions on Fluther, do you find yourself popping off quick sarcastic answers in your mind before really thinking the question through?

Asked by ptarnbsn (466points) March 10th, 2010

Do you sometimes read questions that sound so stupid that you feel like coming back with an answer that is just as stupid as the question?

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No. I don’t go into questions like that.

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I sometimes spend more time typing and then deleting than I do posting. Usually I pass on questions where I doubt the sincerity, or I think I’ll end up frustrated with the poster. It’s better to walk away.

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Yes. Unfortunately I usually go ahead and answer with them, instead of keeping them in my brain where they belong. I’ve left many answers that I wish I could take back.

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I am not entirely without sin in this area, I will confess but I don’t think I’m as bad as some people. e.g. this question If you don’t know what “straightedge” is, don’t answer the question.

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I never do have a first afterthought. my first answer is the one i type. i find its best not to read other peoples answers just for this reason. if my answer is a repeat of someones answer, its just by coinsidence, not a remake.

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That’s pretty much my first reaction to every question, Fluther and non-Fluther alike.

For example, my first impulse was to answer this question as “ABSOLUTELY NOT.”

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Duuuhhhh.. erm..I mean…I do sometimes :)

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i typically have some internal smart-ass remark about the abhorrent grammar, but usually restrain myself. typos (it happens to the best of us), spelling errors (fluther doesn’t have a spellcheck yet), and a refusal to capitalize (i won’t do it, you can’t make me) are all understandable, justifiable offenses in my book… but just plain bad grammar makes my skin crawl.

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Never!! Never in a NY second would I just rip off a sarcastic comment before reading each and every answer!! What was the question???

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@ella Funny you mention that…. I posted a comment on Facebook not long ago that there needs to be a spellcheck… I agree, spelling errors and poor grammar make my skin crawl!

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Pull my finger.

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I find myself popping off quick sarcastic answers before I have even read the question.

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I find myself popping off whenever I touch myself appropriately.

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I must admit that there are some questions that really do attract sarcastic answers… a lot of sarcasm do develop in my mind but really try hard to avoid posting.

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