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Which decade features most within your music collection?

Asked by ucme (46639points) June 13th, 2011

However you listen to your music, no matter how small or extensive your collection.Which era do the majority of the songs originate from?
Personally speaking I would say most of mine are from the 80’s & 90’s. Pretty close call actually, although there’s a sprinkling of contemporary stuff as well.

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Second half of the eighteenth century.

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80s for ever!

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Hard to say. I have music ranging from Gregorian chants written around the 10th century, thru 18th century classical, thru delta blues of the 1930’s, then proceeding to classics from the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s, followed by a pretty diverse selection of popular music ranging from the 70’s to today.

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In cd’s it is the eighties, in vinyl more seventies.

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I go all the way from classical to jazz to rock and roll. So I would have to say the late 1700s, the 50 and 60s and 70s.

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Not any one decade.I like a variety.‘60’s is the least represented.

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60’s/70’s and 90’s. Pretty even split with a few hundred oddities thrown in, like Carribean and other ethnic venues, bluegrass, blues, and Big Band era. :-)

I had a 60’s fest at my little river store yesterday, playing vintage Jerry Garcia for all the new Dead fans. Love those hippie kids…keep Jerry playing and they stay longer to read books and buy stuff. lol

Sales tactic # 67

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Music of the 60s and 70s. On Youtube, read some of the comments left by todays teenagers. 90% comment that wish they had lived in that era. They downplay todays music.

Watch for remakes of the 60s and 70s music.

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70’s & 80’s….sadly, most of those great voices have passed on. I’m happy that I had the foresight to hold on to hundreds of albums from those time periods.

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The now we are living in ;)

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70-s thru 90s.

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I purchased most of my albums during the 70’s and 80’s. CD’s put an end to that buying spree. I still have most of my vinyl and kids love cranking them.

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The smallest ‘period’ I could say a “majority” probably comes from is between 1950 & 1980, but that’s still by a small margin.

The decade that features most heavily (but not ‘majority’) I guess is the 60s, but there’s a lot of 70s too, and plenty else besides!

I think 1958–1978 were probably the most fantastic two decades in popular music.
I am of the opinion that the civil rights movement & the popularisation of psychedelic drugs were the two greatest happenings in the history of popular music.
And, no matter how catchy those 80s tunes are, contrivance in the interests of commercialism is the worst.

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80’s! (Meat Loaf, Barbra Streisand, Cher, Dolly Parton, Barry Manilow, Rod Stewart)

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mostly 90’s and post-2000. most of the stuff I add though is new material so prob have most from 2000’s.

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80’s ( da bomb ! )

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@the fluther crew Cheers folks, good stuff!

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80’s and 90’s. The music of my youth. Sigh.

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Probably the 2000s, followed by the 1890s.

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I just heard ‘Electric Avenue” by Eddie Grant, on the radio on the way home.

I LOVE that 80’s song. lol

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The 1960s (mostly ‘66 – ‘69), followed by the 2000s, then the 1970s.

Then the 1980s.

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90s and 2000s (is that how you write it?)

followed by the 70s and 80s

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Lots of 1960’s era rock and roll, pop and folk and then tons of classical stuff from all the biggies from the 1700’s and the 1800’s and some early 1900’s stuff and most of John Williams’s stuff (which is still classical, but it’s modern).

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This one.

Once I’ve heard a tune, I never listen to it again and I delete the file.
I still have some tunes from this decade, whereas I have nothing from before 2010. ;-]

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Hmm ..I have a lot of music. Most of my music is from the 1930’s to 2000 (along with the really old classical stuff).

Hmm the biggest collection would be um.. maybe the 60’s through the 80’s. I have a lot of 90’s too…and 50’s. Ok, I really don’t know.

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@Brian1946 May I ask why you only listen to a song once before getting rid of it? Do you not have favourites that you like to hear often?

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Yes you may.
My previous answer was totally facetious, so please disregard it.
I have at least a thousand favorites that I like to hear often.

Most of my music is from the 60’s and 70’s.

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@Brian1946 Haha…sorry, I missed the humour. D’oh!

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