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Does fixing the spine of a book affect its value?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11273points) June 13th, 2011

I was given a lovely little collection of children’s books. They are small illustrated books (about 6×6 inches). Most of them are missing their spines or the spines are half ripped off. You can see the cheesecloth binding instead of the spine with the title. I have researched and found a place that sells tapes (in various colours to match the binding) to replace the missing spines.

Some of these books may be (?) first editions, but they are all at least 70 years old. Will fixing/replacing the spines affect the value of the book in the long run?

Any info would be appreciated.

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There is fixing and there is fixing. Simply taping the spine will affect the value of the book negatively.


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If the books are indeed first editions, do absolutely nothing before checking with a dealer.

Doing anything to these books may affect the value negatively.

If you intend to read them and not treat them as saleable items of possible value, then by all means, do some repairs. Otherwise, hands off.

Here is one of dozens of links discussing the value of old children’s books.

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