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Do you have a memorable 'Truth or Dare" experience?

Asked by wundayatta (58599points) June 13th, 2011

I’ve never actually played the game. I don’t think it would be good for me to do. Sometimes people can’t handle the truth.

Anyway, you have surely played. Are there any moments from these games that stand out in your mind? What are they? I dare you to tell the complete story!

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The last time I played it was memorable. This was back in 1980 with five girlfriends. One friend took the dare, and we proposed that she run down the street in her underwear. She did it.

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Yes,but I will not accept your dare. :)

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I like to call this wedding vows!

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Ok. This is pathetic. But could someone tell me the rules of the game?

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Haha. Yes.

(1) Party A asks party B, “truth or dare?”
(2a) If party B selects truth, party A can ask any question, and party B must answer truthfully.
(2b) If party B selects dare, party A can dare party B to do anything s/he wishes.

Sometimes you can play by house rules, for instance, for each “truth” you must subsequently pick “dare.”

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Yes. I was visiting my friends in the country a couple of years ago and we played the most memorable game of truth or dare ever.
I lost, as usual, and she dared me to ride her brother’s motorbike on my own. I was staying at their house for a week or so, so for the next couple o days, I tried to teach myself to ride a motorbike.
The brother knew of course, and I think he found all the business amusing. He never offered to teach me though, so it was just me and the bike.
Anyway, that was the most memorable game of truth or dare for me because not only did I teach myself to ride a heavy motorbike, I rode quite a length of road and back again without once hurting myself multiple times :D
Oh, and I probably should point out I was 13 at the time…

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Hmm… Not really. The last time I played it someone forced me to kiss this other guy and I did not so it was ruined.
Although the craziest time was when we played “Never have I ever”... We were alone in a huge house with a bunch of friends and got mad drunk. I took my bra off and just ran around the house. There were 2000 photos the next morning on Facebook. good times. NOT lol

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They dared me to lick my toe..I don’t know why I did…

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Isn’t that what we do on Fluther every day?

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I was 15 when I had three good friends of mine over for the afternoon. We decided to play Truth or Dare. It was me, a good female friend of mine and two boys. As soon as the dares got past the kissing point, my mother quickly opened the bedroom door and said, “What!?!? Do the two of you want to become whores!?!?! Get out of here now!!!!”.

I didn’t become a whore, but thanks mom for making me feel bad for being curious. :/

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Last truth or dare session, this one girl wanted me to start making out with my girlfriend and doing sexual things with her while she was watching. It pissed me off.

And then when I was 12, when my friend got dared to grab my boobs, and his mom was in a car right behind us that none of us noticed…. >.>

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