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Can someone be hyptonized to no longer have a gag reflex?

Asked by Sakata (3347points) February 2nd, 2009

Just wondering.

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First of all, the gag reflex is a defense mechanism. It keeps us from eating something based on signals from our sense that the thing is bad.

We learn through time what is bad and we get gag reflexes to foods that we don’t like or have had a bad experience with based on our memories.

My guess, and it’s just a guess, is that the actual defense mechanism can never be suppressed completely, but you might be able to suppress a gag reflex that is based on memory and experience.

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If it can be suppressed, I’m sure every porn star would of been hypnotized by now.

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Well, you know what they say, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” :o)

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You can overcome your gag reflex. It probably takes a great deal of will. Hypnotism can help you focus your attention, and not be aware of anything outside of what you are doing. It probably can help overcome your gag reflex. However, that would not be permanent. It would only last as long as the person was in that altered state of consciousness.

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no girlfriend says no.

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It is done, and apparently it is effective. Here’s a section in one of the classic texts on hypnotherapy that addresses the use of hypnosis in dentistry.

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The gag reflex can certainly be overcome through proper training. Not just porn stars but sword swallowers and yogis have managed this feat throughout history. Whether hypnosis could accomplish it is just speculation, but I do believe that practice could accomplish it in short order.

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Probably. They have hypnotism for getting off too fast loll.

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I don’t know.. hypnotism never had any affect on me.. because….. i never tried it..

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I think it’s highly unlikely that you could completely get rid of a gag reflex – it is a ‘reflex’ after all. I do believe that you could suppress it though, with practice and concentration.

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Well, some people do, but it doesn’t mean that everyone is able to muster up the focus to do it, lol.

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one can dream.

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I guess it would be easier to suck cock under hypnosis huh? LOL

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Is this an oral sex question?

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@fedupwitcaddys i know a few who’ve been while….lol

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Someone can be mesmerized to bypass the gag reflex.

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Practice makes perfect. ;-)

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(What a strange question!)

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if you hold your left thumb, in a fist (like when you punch, but with the thumb on the inside) you won’t have a gag reflex.

try that next time with your partner, or just tell him/her about it

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I’ve known some women who can suppress their gag reflex :-p

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Wow, @chickoo was right. I just put my finger in the back of my throat, (and yes it was my finger) till I felt like gagging. Then I folded my thumb and the gagging stopped. I even tried different areas.
I wonder if this will work for bad tasting medicines like steroid tablets.

It has to be a pressure point thing.
Oh never mind. It only works if something is still. The moment I decided to move my finger in the back of my throat, I started to want to gag. Hey but at least it will work when the doctor checks your throat with a tongue depressor.

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Probably, but there’s better ways to deal with that, lol, SORRY!!!

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No. It is a involuntary reflex.

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