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Hiking in the nude?

Asked by _zen_ (7854points) June 14th, 2011

The Germans do it, apparently. Here’s an article.

I sort of get swimming in the nude – although I don’t do it.

But hiking? Especially nature hiking makes no sense to me.

But maybe you would do it? Maybe you wish there were other nudist activities?

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Heck no. I’ve been scratched by too many branches and rocks.

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@zen you’ve added a new topic “Seems Nuts to ME”

I read it “seeing nuts to me.”

Too many scratchy and brambly things for me.

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I just read this article today and I don’t get it either. Imagine all the scratches and bug bites. The beach I can understand, but not this.

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Sure,why not? I’ve been horsebackriding in the nude.That was amusing.:)

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It doesn’t sound safe to me! Throns, briars, bugs, snakes… it sounds hazardous!

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I agree with @Rarebear. When I hike, I do some serious hiking, not just a walk in the woods.

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They don’t have poison oak in Germany. That was bad enough when I just got it on my arms and legs. :>D

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heck no. Thorns, plants, bugs, all over me, no thanks…

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It must be a
puts sunglasses on
titillating experience

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Done the short hikes through the canyon to the waterfalls, that is fun for sure, but the “boys” would not be happy on a long hike.

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Hiking in the nude is just ri-di-cu-lous…...., bowling however.

wundayatta's avatar

I’m afraid to undress my opinion.

redfeather's avatar

@rebbel why aren’t those bowlers holding balls? Bowling balls. In their hands. You know what I mean.

edit: oookay. I looked at more. They’re small balls.

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It would be an easy way to spot ticks. :)

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Heck no. Even if I was a nudist, I wouldn’t like the idea of hiking nude. I went hiking up a mountain in Puerto Rico and I remember seeing some people wearing bathing suits and sandals. Last thing I would want to do is fall on some hard rocks naked. I had on shoes with great traction, and long pants and a long sleeve shirt. Yes I was hot but the last thing I needed on that narrow winding trail was to have something crawl on me and I loose my footing and end up lost on the side of the mountain because I jumped. Are they not wearing any shoes?
Sounds more like they are just sadist.

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Nah, although there was time when I was in peak shape that I’d have looked pretty damn hot naked in hiking boots. lol

Not into having my breasts filleted by whipping tree branches, sliding down rocks on my bare behind and brushing up against poison oak in the tender zones.

Now..stripping down and diving into an ice cold lake or river after a long sweaty betcha!

Actually there was a trail flasher guy a few years ago in a fairly remote area I hiked to a stretch of river I liked.
He would hide in the bushes and flash hikers from across the river of course, so nobody with kids could yank his wanka! hahaha

Oh…side note of the non-linear brain Just watched ” 127 hours” last night!
Amazing! 10 thumbs up for Aaron Ralston and his amazing survival story!

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I’ve done it for short distances on isolated and private country roads and open trails. It’s quite nice then. No, I certainly wouldn’t consider it in heavy woods, but I don’t typically take pleasure hikes through thickets and brambles anyway.

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Hell no! I don’t even shower in the nude.

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I hike where it can get pretty cool. I might suffer shrinkage. Visible shrinkage.

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I feel bad for them when the mosquitoes are out.

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Personally, I’d be scared to try that. But they’re having fun outdoors, exercising, and engaging in non-sexual nudity, and that’s pretty awesome. I would do it if I were brave enough.

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Too dangerous…all those thorns and poison ivy…I’m just saying…

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No way, I don’t want mosquitoes and horseflies and shit molesting me all over.

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there is a nude hike every week (weather permitting) in southern Illinois Shawnee National Forest

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Sounds interesting, but it’s not to my taste. Running from your ex’s parents however… (she wasn’t my ex then)

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Over the years ‘shrinkage’ has always been a joke when swimming with dates naked. haha

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I like being au naturel more than most, but I don’t particularly enjoy seeing others in there birthday suits. Nor do I feel comfortable that way in front of most.
In any case, It is asking for a case of some very itchy poison ivy, or worse.

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