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What martial art is best for cops?

Asked by Begeara (376points) June 14th, 2011

So I’ve been thinking lately I might want to become a cop once I finish highschool. I’m going to be getting into some police sciences courses and stuff like that but I was also wanting to take up some martial art. I need one thats good for subduing someone, or disarming them if they have a weapon. I know the police teach you their own self defense style but I want to go into it with some experience, I mean you can never have to much right?

So what kind of self defenses do you know of? If you wouldn’t also mind listing their weak points and strong points and what all the main concentration of the art is on? (IE Holds, kicks, punches.)

Thanks =)

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Hap-kido….just my opinion. You can learn a lot of close quarter defense techniques including joint locks and pressure points. There are a lot of really good mixed martial arts out there that will teach a bunch of everything and specialize in training LEO’s

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I’d recommend a combination of martial arts, yes, MMA. Krav Maga as @zen said ain’t a bad idea either but you definitely want to know how to fight on your feet and on the ground.

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I forgot this link to my old martial art Kyuki-Do which according to their website is a living, growing martial art that continues to expand and change. In addition to the core elements of Tae Kwon Do, Judo and Hapkido, Kyuki-Do also includes techniques from Jujitsu, Karate, boxing, wrestling, traditional weapons from Okinawa and the Philippines, and many other arts and styles.

It was a blast too!

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Brazilian Jujitsu.

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Wrestling… You don’t see cops going around with flying kicks and lunging elbows. The goal is to take them down and subdue them as quickly as possible.

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Judo is a great choice as it’s primary goal is to take down and make incapacitation an easily achievable goal.

Krav Maga (as @zen mentioned) is also a good choice because it takes down and incapacitates simultaneously.

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Coming from 44 years of police experience, I can tell you this. Each police department has its own courses of self-defense. They want you to learn and practice only their approach to officer safety and defense.

The reason is this: it’s a liability issue. If you use some defensive technique, not taught by your department, you could be held liable for using other techniques. other than those taught by your police department.

We use to use the choke hold to knock a person out. This is no longer used, because of the loss of blood to the brain and possible future health consequences to the person arrested.

Its all about liability.

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@john65pennington but blood chokes are so much fun!

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The martial art isn’t so much to use if I become a cop, since I know they do want you to use the one they teach you. Its more to get myself in shape and get my body more used to the idea of self defense since I’ve never been in any sort of fighting class before. =)

Dammit! All these look so useful and awesome! Its gonna take me a while to pick I think :(

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The martial art is not used by the cops but it must be, because it may needed anytime and anywhere. So MMA will be good choice for Cops.

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