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Do you think if all members in all the branches of the US armed forces were polled about whether they agree with military decisions Trump is making like pulling out of Germany, would the majority be in agreement?

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No and I don’t think the Joint Chiefs of Staff would agree either.

Remember Trump is “SMARTER than all my generals.” Just ask him !

He dismantling the United States Armed Forces for Putin !

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Only if it was a secret ballot.

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Trump went hard after Putin once he found out Putin was putting a bounty on the heads of soldiers in Afghanistan. Trumps aggressive action surely balances any minor things like pulling a few soldiers out of Germany.

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Doesn’t matter, they have to follow the C inC’s order to matter how asinine the order is.

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@johnpowell Show me that he went hard-on is BFF ! Everybody els esaid . . . .he said nothing !

Trump didn’t do anything.

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No. That’s not their job. That jov belong only to the congress and Commander in Chief! And rigtfully so.

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Mỹ Lai comes to mind. You can/should prevent a war crime from happening.

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I was being as sarcastic as humanly possible. He has done absolutely nothing to confront his idol.

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Where the F was ~ ~ ~ and J K ?

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I think a good portion would disagree, I don’t know if it’s a majority. The ones who disagree who are being moved, I guess not disagreeing enough to do something about it or refuse orders. It’s not like when a commander orders troops to unnecessary kill innocent civilians or specifically provoking a war that shouldn’t happen (some argue soldiers should have refused to go into Iraq).

I wouldn’t assume all the military has a good understanding of geopolitical situations and consequences. Soldiers in Europe might have a better understanding than those stationed in other parts of the world. I wouldn’t guess most 18 year olds going into the service have much of a clue.

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I have a friend who is a social worker on contract with the Army in Germany. She tells me there is upset within the troops from the officers down to the enlisted men, that the government does not support them.

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I have nothing but contempt for Trump, but reducing our global military presence is something he deserves credit for. We’re still pissing away way too much money on it and I do blame Trump for that (and also Dems that keep voting to increase the military budget).

The Putin red-baiting is getting very tedious. We’ve got corporate media personalities trying to goad us into another cold war just so they don’t have to admit that Clinton lost because Neoliberalism is unpopular, and instead want to scapegoat Russia. For christ sakes, Israel interferes in our elections constantly, Saudi Arabia too.

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As a whole, they probably aren’t knowledgeable enough about current world affairs to offer an opinion on the subject.

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@elbanditoroso Orders can be defied but one must have a very good reason for doing so. They told me that when I was in.
@gorillapaws The USA not getting involved in the world’s affairs in the 1930’s is what got us into WWII, proving Isolationism doesn’t work.

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Yeah, it needs to basically be an illegal order. Then the soldier is obligated to not follow the order.

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