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Should I put ice on my ligament(LCL)?

Asked by EchozEn107 (34points) June 14th, 2011

I strained my ligament(LCL) today and was wondering if an ice pack would help?
Also, how does ice help anything like that?

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You should go to the hospital first if you haven’t. And yes, an ice pack does help as it reduces the swelling.

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Remember… RICE

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Yes and elevate the knee! Ice will slow and control the swelling that is inevitable from a strain or injury. Take some Ibuprofen to help with calming the muscles. Unless you are super certain you only strained it…I might opt to see a doc. Tomorrow will be hell. Be prepared to wake up to a huge challenge. Stay off that leg as much as possible. Of course the net is full of resources but let pain be your guide and do see the Doc if you are still unhappy in a day or two at the most!

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Ice is always good.

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One more vote for icing it. 15 minutes on and then 20 minutes off. Remember to put a towel between the ice and your skin.

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The LCL is usually injured by pressure or an injury that pushes the knee joint from the inside, which results in stress on the outside part of the joint.


Icy Hot is great.

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Ice is great only for the edema that occurs because of an injury. But remember to use ice sparingly and make sure to see a professional ASAP!


@Schroedes13 I find Icy Hot better than ice. But don’t get it in your eyes or other sensitive body parts. I once did (not in my eyes but elsewhere), and it hurt like hell. It gets really, really hot, as I regrettably found.

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I’ve never tried icy hot. That’s the Shaq product right? I’m much more of a naturalist man myself. Nothing like a good old bag or ice or peas!


@Schroedes13 It’s a great product. You only need to use a tiny bit, and it goes to work fast. First ice cold, then a minute later it gets really hot, almost red hot. But like I said, if you get it on a very sensitive part of your body like I did, it really really hurts. OWWW!! lol

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but the thing is that you need ice on the area affected by edema for a longer period of time for the most beneficial results to happen! That’s why doctors usually say around 10–15 minutes of ice.

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