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Do you think Derrick Rose will leave the Chicago Bulls?

Asked by ShipwrecksInSand (173points) June 14th, 2011

I’m a die-hard Bulls fan and I would hate to see the guy go.
All opinions welcome!

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Pro sports have more than not become big business, even to the players. Some players still just want to play for a certain team they always dreamed of playing for the moment they started to learn their craft; other will go where the money is at. If Derrick Rose leaves it will be based on certain factors, his contract, if it is up or due to expire he might not seek renewal. If he doesn’t seek to renew his contract might be because he wants a championship ring and don’t see his chances with Chicago getting him there soon enough. It has been what plagued Golden State for years and years. Many of their players left to excel quite well on other teams but the Golden State organization could never build around the marquee player. Bad draft picks, bad luck, whatever. These great players could not see themselves getting anywhere really at Golden State. Jason Kidd is a prime example, he left Golden State, and now he has a ring. He never would have gotten it had he stayed loyal to Golden State.

Then there is the organization, Derrick is still relatively young so I am sure they see a lot of work they can get out of him since he is one of the top scores. He has NCAA Championships, All Star selections and as one of the youngest players next to Jordan to earn NBA Most Valuable Player. However, NBA ball is big business, with his production if they run into cap problems would they see him as a ”chip” to play on getting more of the higher draft picks and maybe getting lucky getting two great players for the same money or less as Derrick? One never knows. To me, logically they would want to keep him around, try to make some good picks at the draft and build around him.

It will take his faith in the organization and the desire to say coupled with the Bulls desire to keep him I guess is the telling facts of how long he stays.

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