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Who was Jesus?

Asked by seperate_reality (391points) June 15th, 2011

Who was this spiritual power house called Jesus, in your own opinion?

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He was a very naughty boy!
I believe he went by the name of Jim Caze….Cavie….oh poo :¬(

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A genius in matters of the human heart and spirit as Einstein was about time and space.

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mazingerz88, I agree, but don’t you think Jesus was knowledgeable concerning time and space?

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He was a nice spritual Jewish boy born a bastard who loved his mother.

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The greatest person who ever lived! Yes, he beats me. By alot.

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@seperate_reality Maybe, but I would not have known based on his words since what was recorded was mostly about love and spirituality. At least that’s the way I see it.

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mazingerz88, that was a type of trick question, because spirituality deals mainly with the spirit, which is outside of time and space, so you are correct.

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Jesus is a cipher – there are so few contemporary accounts of his life that he can be made in whatever image one desires.

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A recycled urban legend that later turned to full blown mythology. I highly doubt he was ever real.

See, if he existed, there is no way he did what was people say he did, and if he did exist, he would be under vast pressure to keep doing things.

Superman solved the problem by keeping his identity secret, jesus solved it by never existing. (not that superman is or was real)

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He was either crazy or exactly who he said he was. I beleive him.

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If Jesus was real, I agree with @mazingerz88. Although, if Jesus was not real ..I agree with @poisonedantidote.

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What @ragingloli and @poisonedantidote said.
@mazingerz88 I think Dr Martin Luther King Jr would be a better example.

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Brother, teacher and human symbol of pure love.

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God Incarnate.

The smart ass in me wants to say “The first Zombie”

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@FutureMemory Damnit I was gonna say that.

@filmfann That sounds awesome. The First Zombie, heh.

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A man who had a great understanding of human nature, sociology and psychology. (and yes as @filmfann said .. the first zombie :D

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I really doubt the person using the term Zombie so loosely, really understands what it means and that might even be a misinterpretation in itself. The one characteristic I learned about the insane, is that attacks based on lies are A-OK. Notice how the very mention of Jesus brings out the insane-troll/s?

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[Mod says]: Let’s keep responses on topic and helpful in the General section. Let’s not turn this into a flame war.

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I show it as “Social,” @laureth.

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Looked different to me, then. Carry on.

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Aaaaaattt, buzz, buzz @Bellatrix is flaming. You are outta here. ;)

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lol@bkcunningham… flaming… moi? Never… :D

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A zombie is a walking corpse that feeds from the flesh of the living. It is also widely used as a metaphor for the bleak cycle of society, and the mentalities which spin it.

Jesus is the Lord and Saviour, who died for man’s sins. He is the son of God, or God Himself, depending on which Christian branch you hang on to. Entertainment or symbolism, faith or mythology, both have their places everywhere.

We know the difference. We’re just fucking around. In social, this happens a lot. But we’re not mean…at least most of us. XD

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I understand what Christians claim about Jesus. I respect their beliefs. I do not agree and I find there to be little historical evidence to support the notion that he was the Messiah promised in the Five Books of Moses and in the tradition of the Jewish People.

He was a nice Jewish young man who got a bit carried away by the enthusiasm of his group of followers and claimed to be the Messiah, like others before him and a few after him.

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I believe his name was Brian, and he didn’t want to be the Messiah.

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He was a Jewish carpenter who decided to proclaim himself the son of God and managed to convince a few people that he was.

He may have had a heart of gold and the best of intentions, or he may have just been a power-hungry scam artist, or maybe Mary was nuts and, after a lifetime of being told such by his mother, he honestly believed it.

Regardless, that is part of why I find it hard to respect Christianity, and it’s a pity since the vast majority of those who follow Christ are decent people who I feel have been duped.

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Jesus is the son of God. Just like Peter said.

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Jesus was a cult leader in Roman-era Judea. He appears to have absorbed some of the followers of John the Baptist, a previous cult leader (though this may have happened later). And then another cult leader named Paul absorbed some of Jesus’ followers. Jesus appeared to be concerned about reforming Jewish practices, and his cult seems to have syncretistically combined elements of Judaism and Hellenic mystery religions (baptism has roots in mysteries). He appears to have both pissed off the Jewish establishment and the Roman government.

We don’t know much about what Jesus really said or thought because the earliest Christian writings we have are from Paul, who never met Jesus and who re-appropriated Jesus’s historical person into an Osiris-like salvific figure. The gospels were written several decades after Jesus’ death. But parts of the gospels were probably copied from earlier sources, some of which may have reflected Jesus’ actual sayings. If we examine these closely, a wide variety of these “sources” portray Jesus as being against divorce. So that’s the thing I’m most sure about Jesus: he didn’t like divorce.

To all the people who say that Jesus was a myth or didn’t exist: Fine. Explain where the pre-Pauline cult of his followers came from. If Paul and Peter invented Jesus out of thin air, why was there already a well-formed cult of Jesus-followers by 50AD, when Paul wrote his first letters?

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I honestly like bearded men… Every time they bring Jesus up (I was in a christian school), I would say “I’d f. him” then there would be an hour of silence and pity.

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@QueenOfNowhere I think I broke a rib laughing so damn hard

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He was who he said he was. Nothing more. Nothing less. As Paul warned, so do I. Do not go beyond what is written because they sure are a lot of people sayin a bunch of crap that was never written!

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@broughtlow, Paul never met Jesus. He said so himself.

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Oh, who did he meet on the road to Damascus?

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@Qingu above response….....just figured out how to do the @ thing.

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I imagine the same person who Muhammad “met” in his cave. Or the same person so many televangelists claim to have “spoken” to.

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Saul of Tarsus who later was known as Paul had a vision (delusion) of having met Jesus on the road to Damascus. He never met Jesus but formed what became the Roman Catholic Church.

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@Dr_Lawrence, first of all, I don’t think it’s clear that Paul even thought he saw anything. Lots of cult leaders make shit up about visions; based on his writings, Paul strikes me as a textbook demagogue, no different from a modern day televangelist patronizing his viewers and asking them for money.

Also, there isn’t all that straight of a line from Paul to the Roman Catholic Church. Certainly the Church, when it formed centuries after Paul, appeared to be fans of Paul’s writings. But early Christianity was surprisingly sectarian, and some scholars argue that the author of Matthew was actually part of a rival sect from Paul’s. Paul was not the sole Christian sect that the RCC adopted.

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A radical reformer.

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A man. Nothing more, nothing less.

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