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What kinds of vacations do you enjoy?

Asked by wundayatta (58722points) June 17th, 2011

My wife likes to go to resorts. I like to go on touring vacations where we go from place to place to enjoy new things. I prefer other countries as the venues for these vacations.

Usually, the vacations involve plane flights and car rentals and then we rent rooms in inns. But lately we’ve taken to establishing a home base somewhere and returning there every night. It’s easier and cheaper that way, since we have kids. The other kind of vacation we take is a family vacation, where we all go to a lake or the ocean or whatever with the extended family for a week.

So what kinds of vacations do you like? Staycations? Resorts? Activity vacations? Going to the same spot every year? Why do you like these kinds of vacations?

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It’s not the “kind” of vacation that counts with me. It’s the attitude of the person I’m with that can make or break it. If they are happy and enjoying the same things I’m enjoying it doesn’t matter what or where . If they are bored, worn out or I sense they wish they were somewhere else then I can’t enjoy myself regardless of where I am. Maybe that makes me too dependent. I don’t know.
So if my companion likes the situation then I’d love a beautifully appointed cabin on a lake with an adjacent delicious restaurant, paddle boating, movies in the room, superb bedding, cocktails at dinner and maybe some fishing and bike riding. Anything quiet and elegant with scenery off of a private deck with hot tub either in the room or outside. A cool climate matters too. Let’s have a view of mountains to top it off for a perfect vacation of , say, four days.

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As much as I treasure 30 years of spending a summer week on a beach with the extended family, the vacations with the SO are the ultimate. We have been to Washington, DC, Rome, London and Marrakesh together. We both like museums, exploring, learning, and experiencing different cultures.

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I love the beach,but I am sure I could have fun just about anywhere. :)

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I like vacations that give me a good slice of the local culture and going to natural attractions.

I totally dug Toroko Natl. park on Taiwan last year and traveling across the island by train.
Bryce & Zion and the southwest loop a few years before that, and hiking in the Redwoods and being charged by Elk. I want adventure by day, dining & culture by night, and lots of off the beaten path adventures.

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I like travelling and exploring; I’ve taken a few week long trips to New York in the last few years. But sometimes I just need to completely disconnect and lie on a beach in Hawaii, where the biggest decisions are what to eat for lunch and whether to go snorkeling now or wait twenty minutes.

My best recent vacation was a few years ago when I went to Italy- the first five days were spent in Cinque Terre, with a little hiking in the morning, and lying on the beach in the afternoon, and great Italian food the whole time.

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I love to rent a cabin on a lake and go boating and fishing and watch killer sunrises and sunset over the water!

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Same as @Cruiser. A cabin on a lake with a pontoon rental for the week. The kids have a beach to play on, everyone has their own bedroom (great for the parents to get a little alone time) we get to have campfires in the evening and take the kids tubing during the day when they tire of fishing. There’s a neat pizza place in the nearest town with pool tables and games that we take the kids to at least once during the trip, and there are many other outdoor activities in the area for everyone to enjoy.

I like a quiet vacation like this, not spent in a very crowded, touristy city.

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Some of my best vacations are right here at home. A ‘happy’ brownie and wandering around my own property. lol’
I call them ‘mini’ vacations.

Wow! I never noticed how amazing that tree really is! hahaha

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Anywhere off the beaten track. The more unusual the better. I hate tourist traps as I am fairly unsociable, plus I hate taking pictures or having mine taken.

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Camping ,walking holidays in & around England, Scotland & Wales…. Usually with a friend or two… I’ve not long come back from Cumbria & I’m now planning a holiday in Snowdonia

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I like exploring new cities, but not as part of a tour group. I like to blend in as much as possible and just quietly observe. I like the countryside, especially mountainous scenery close to lakes or the sea. I don’t like expensive luxury hotels in which you feel cut off from the place you are visiting.

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I don’t fly, so driving or taking a train is the best way for me to get from here to there. And I actually enjoy that. I love going to cities or places that are not too far away from where I live, maybe within 8 hours, although I would definitely like to take a cross country trip sometime in my life (preferably in one of those fancy motorhomes) to see a bunch of National Parks, to do some camping and to find wonderful restaurants, and architecture and museums.

In general, I’m not at all picky about the type of place that I stay, as long as it’s clean. But some day I would like to spend the weekend at the Awhwanee Hotel in Yosemite, but otherwise, tent camping, motorhome camping, and Motel 6 is just fine with me.

I’d rather see lakes and mountains and deserts than cities, but if I was going to pick out some cities that I would like to visit they would include San Francisco, Miami, Santa Fe, Washington D.C, New Orleans, Seattle and Portland, OE.

Of course you have to have great company, if you go with a bunch of sad sacks and people that get bored easily, complain a lot, or who have no interest in trying out new things, you will be sunk. You could go to the greatest place on earth, but if you are traveling with a downer type of person, your trip will be ruined. On the other hand, I can drive across town to the city dump with my best friend and have a marvelous time.

Food should always be on the agenda for any great vacation. I always do lots of research on restaurants before I go anywhere and I’ve eaten many amazing meals. I’m not picky (although I am a vegetarian) so I’ve had wonderful meals at upscale restaurants, mom and pop diners, fast food joints, convenience stores and even vending machines.

I also have an urgent need to take photographs, so hopefully on any trip, even if we’re driving, we have to be able to stop, often, and sometimes with only a moment’s notice, so I can jump out of the car to take a picture. Thank goodness my brother and my best friend always indulge me in this passion. They’re the 2 best traveling companions ever!

If I did fly (which I did, until I finally resigned myself to my horrific fear of flying) I would love to see London (and all of England) again. Paris would be great as would Dublin, Montreal and the moors of Scotland and I would like to go back to Hawaii.

I consider myself to be extremely lucky, if wherever I visit, the place has some type of specialty cheese or jellies.

I would love to visit the Grand Canyon, The Smokey Mountains, The Appalachian Mountains, The Ozarks, The Russian River, The American River, The Mississippi River, The Everglades, Big Sur, The Giant Redwoods of California, Disneyworld, Dollywood and take a train ride across Canada.

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I love to go on vacation by myself. I like to discover things on my own time, relax, and create my own experiences.

One of my favorite places to go is Germany. It’s a beautiful place and I wish I could go more often.

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I like vacations that are a mixture of things. I would prefer not to spend the week cooking and cleaning. I like to hang out on a beach or on a big porch out in the woods, and then be able to hop in the car and drive somewhere for a day or two and see things.

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Cruising is awesome. When I was much younger, I really couldn’t imagine myself cruising. Now, I’m a pro. There is nothing to compare. Anything your heart desires, anywhere you can imagine.

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Going away to another country and walking around town and laying on the beach talking to strangers and checking out the hot guys ;)

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I like adventuring, preferably by car. A resort is great for a few days of hideaway but I’d rather enjoy a bunch of sights, tastes, smells and whatnot.

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I’ll just stay at home, eat cold pasta and watch horror movies while getting drunk. Sounds pathetic, but one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. I love it.

Although I really would love to visit old castles, asylums and abandoned hospitals and stuff.

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Long ones, where I get to read or adventurous ones, where I am not guaranteed a toilet seat but I am guaranteed a good time.

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I like beach holidays and my fav is the Florida panhandle. I really had fun with a group of friends the last time I was there. The condo we stayed in was really nice and the beach was just great fun. It was simply great!

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Ones with good food, and lots of places to explore.

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Peaceful ones. If I have access to a buffet, even better.

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My ideal vacation would be luxurious camping. No shopping traffic or people about (apart from those I am camping with!). There is something so appealing about, the harshness of the bush and amazing luxurious well functioning furniture. Like a shower in the wilderness.But most appealing is the serene atmosphere, lovely sites, nature, gets life into perspective. I realize this time this question is old!!

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Sounds like a lovely vacation, @Shippy. All the joys of the wild outback and none of the trials. So long as you can keep the nasty creepy crawlies and the beastly beasts out of your living quarters!

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