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Ever been to Terlingua, Texas?

Asked by rojo (24156points) August 25th, 2014

Did you like it? Was it what you expected?

If you have not been there, have you ever wanted to go to see it and what do you imagine it is like?

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I have no desire to visit a backward country like Texas…

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I was there briefly decades ago. Back then, it had just gotten attention as the location of the annual chili cookoff, but I wasn’t there for that. I was just picking up a raft for a canyon float. It looked like just another tiny settlement embattled against the west Texas sun at the time. Not anyplace I’d care to linger. It sure may have changed since then.

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@thorninmud not as much as you would think. It is pretty much the same with maybe a few more folks.

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I wouldn’t want to linger in Terlingua.

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