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Planning a trip to Switzerland?

Asked by Manjarisingh (8points) October 11th, 2010

Well I am planning a trip to Switzerland for 15 days. I have already booked my trip with HelloTravel and I wanted some first hand experience from travellers about the state. HelloTravel people have provided me a travel agent, yet I would like to know about the food habit and other cultural part of Switzerland., since first hand experience always helps.

I have consulted lonelyplanet for information, yet I would like to know more.

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First off, Switzerland is a country not a state.

Secondly, where in Switzerland are you going? Depending on where you are in Switzerland will affect language and foods to a certain extent.

In Geneva where I stayed for a week, they spoke French. People were very kind and helpful. Food was very good, cheese, breads, meats, fish, wines.

The more you can tell us about where you are going, the more we can help.

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I’m sorry I’ve never been to Switzerland, but I worked briefly in the travel industry. I found to be a very valuable resource.

On the home page of the web site there is a square entitled “Plan the Perfect Trip.” One of the subheadings under that on the left is “Things to do.” You can click on that and then enter the name of the city you will be visiting. It will give you a great list of attractions.

The best part of this is that each of the attractions has been rated and reviewed by numerous visitors to the place. You can read what normal people thought of the place in their own words.

Bon voyage!

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My I sudgest the lakes and the finest coffeshops.

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