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What was one of the first pieces of media you owned?

Asked by erichw1504 (26443points) June 17th, 2011

Thinking back now, what was one of the first pieces of music, games, magazines, books, etc. that you ever owned?

How long ago was it? Do you still have it? Are you able to still use it? In what form was it (cassette, CD, cartridge, paperback…)? Did you like it? About how much did it cost or was it a gift?

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My first was a cassette tape of Michael Jackson’s Bad. I played the shit out of Smooth Criminal on my little cassette player!

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I think it was a Strawberry Shortcake record. Though, I may have gotten my Beach Boys cassette before that. I’m not sure which came first. I don’t have either, anymore.

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My big brother said it was his, but it was my first 7” record: Somebody To Love by Queen.

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A red transistor radio with a telescopic aerial. It picked up AFN from Germany which broadcast great science fiction stories.

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Pink Floyd’s The Wall on CD

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@rebbel is a 7” record the same as I call a 45 rpm? I have never heard them called a 7.”

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One of these

No, I don’t have it any longer, but saw one at an antique toy show. A lot smaller than I remembered!!

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I had some books on 45 rpm Snow White..
but the first one I bought with my own money was the Grease Double Album.
I spent countless hours roller skating back and forth in our basement singing along with every song on that album…

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@bkcunningham Yes, it is, although i am not sure if a 7” could also be a 33 or 78 rpm?
We in Holland just called them single, and the big ones (12”) we called elpee (from LP for Long Player)

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First 7” Relax FGTH
Loved my old 12” records, Blue Monday/Confusion being two of the best.

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I had a “Lavern and Shirley Sing” record. This led to hours and hours of good clean fun…listening to them sing those lovable songs such as “Going to the Chapel” , “All I have to do is Dream” and “Da Do Run Run”. What else could a child want? LOL

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A 45 of “Puff the Magic Dragon.” My uncle bought it for me for my 4th birthday. I don’t have it any more.

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Oh, thank you @rebbel. I didn’t realize you were in Holland. My first media was books. My first music was a Close-and-Play with 45s of Linda Ronstandt and the Fifth Dimension’s Age of Aquarius. I was pretty young and thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

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Archie Bleyer’s Hernando’s Hideaway 45RPM.

1954 Summer

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This was the first album I ever owned (it was my ONLY album until the Greatest Hits of 1971 came out). I had a little portable record player and I played this album to death—I lost it when we moved overseas.

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Campbell soup can intercom. Those were the best ever….never had to worry about dropped signals or crazy expensive phone bills.

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I was given a Partridge Family album for my 7th birthday and I still have it.

Oh yeah, I also had a close and play record player like @bkcunningham and I had a record that was Winnie the Pooh singing “Little Black Rain Cloud.”

Course, me and my brother had tons of Little Golden Books and Jr. Elf Books since the time we were babies.

And let’s not forget the View Master. I especially remember one reel that had scenes from Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland and another one that had vacation scenes from Sea World (this was circa 1966).

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A Green Gameboy Color with Super Mario Bros. Deluxe as my first game ^.^ That thing was the bomb! I had an epic carrying case for it that included a slot for the Gameboy itself and a couple games. I need to go find that, now…

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My first book was Paddington Bear by Michael Bond. My first 7” single was The Bump by Kenny. My first album was Tonic for the Troops by The Boomtown Rats. My first 12” single was Bela Lugosi’s Dead by Bauhaus.

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Mine was a 45 RPM single-tune, vinyl record of Rock Around the Clock, by Bill Haley.
I got it for Xmas in 1955.

I wasn’t that crazy about the tune, so I lost track of its whereabouts the next day.

I didn’t really develop a taste for music until 1957, when I was 10 years old.


“Yes, it is, although i am not sure if a 7” could also be a 33 or 78 rpm?”

In the US, 7” records were almost always 45 RPM, while 33 and 78 RPM records were usually 12”.

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I had a Mad Magazine from the middle 60’s, a lot of comic books (including Silver Surfer #1), and the Beatles “Magical Mystery Tour”

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First it was stuff that got drawn on with crayons and pencils.

Then there was that paper you write the alphabet on when you learn the letters.
It had dashed line for the midlines and descenders.

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A record with Jimmy Stewart reading Winnie the Pooh.

Th first i bought was the Dave Clark Five album in 1964. I bought the Beach Boys single “I Get Around” the same day.

The records were lost when my older brother went off to college.

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Jimmy Stewart @zenvelo? Oh, I’d love to hear that one.

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And letters from loved ones.
Gotta scan ’em I suppose, and put ’em in the cloud

There is a box of “LP“s in the closet awaiting someday when I will digitize them, sure.
Dark Side of the Moon on vinyl man ! Probably in beat condition by now though.
There several boxes of homemade audio cassettes that were recorded back when that was hip.

8mm digital homemade video I better get that stuff transferred before I forget and throw the camera out. Camping trips, vacations, Frisbee golf… graduations. Oh, my!
Quick before digitizers are no longer compatible with NTSC on an RCA jack (the yellow one).

There are a couple dozen hours of miniDV that is at least digital but better get backed up to harddrive sooner rather than later. Quick before firewire 400 is not longer compatible with any digitzer inputs.

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The Men At Work album Cargo.

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@bkcunningham It was lost in a move long long ago, but I still remember it. He had an amazing way of saying as only Jimmy Stewart could, ”...where he lived under the name of Saunders.” It had a read along book with it. This was all before Disney had the rights to Winnie the Pooh.

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My first music was a cassette tape…but I don’t remember the name. French music, songs about nature, wolves and stuff. I thought it was epic, and often listened to it when going to bed.

My first video game was Keith Courage in Alpha Zones. It came with the TurboGrfx 16 my dad got for me on Xmas. He got three other games with it, Dragon Spirit, Victory Run and Space Harrier. But Keith, I was obsessed about. It was also the first video game I ever beat. It’s all important to me and stuff.

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My parents got my sister and I our own record player, with some plastic, unscratchable records to play.

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For music (I enjoyed all of them):
I think my first vinyl was a single of Me and You and a Dog Named Boo by Lobo (gift).
First 8 track was the album Romany by The Hollies (found it).
The first cassette tape, I think, was Pyromania by Def Leppard (gift – still have it).
My first cd was Bad by Michael Jackson (gift – still have it).

First book: Rin Tin Tin’s Rinty by Julie Campbell (free from a library).

I think the first video game I played was Astroids, or some battle tank one, on Atari.

All my vinyls and cassette tapes are still useable. Of course my cd’s are fine too. I have a couple old record players (one works).

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I don’t remember my first book because I was always raised with hundreds of them.

The first book I ever bought with my own money was The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. I bought an old copy from my grandmother after I read it in one sitting in her house when I was 7 or so. I still have it.

I think my first CD was either Pure Moods or a cd of various African traditional songs. I don’t think I still have either, though I wish I did.

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Don’t judge me. It was a CD. Jagged Little Pill – Alanis Morissette.

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<—- Judging . . . until he remembers dancing around the living room in 6th grade to Human League’s Don’t You Want Me.

You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar
When I met you . . .

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Don’t really remember, but it was a book. I think it was Uncle Wiggly’s Adventures. I still have it. My dad used to read it to me before bed.

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“Algernon, the Puppy Who Wags his Tail” was the first book I remember owning. I don’t have it any more. I also had a book of short stories and I can remember the feel of the thick pages and the smell of the paper. One story was, improbably, about people who lived inside an apple, another was of a blue lion who jumped down from the pub sign on which he had been painted when a wizard’s spell got tangled up in the sign. I’ve tried to trace this book without success.

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A book. The first one that could definitively be said to be mine was My Life As A Torpedo Test Target, No. 6 in the Wally McDoogle series.

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I remember Little Golden Books. I had “The Pokey Little Puppy”. I also remember my Dad taking me to my Uncle Johnny’s music store. He got this little record. It was the size of a 45 rpm, but played at the faster 78. It was “My ABC Song” by someone called “Uncle Harry.”

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@Yetanotheruser Was this IT If so it available as MP3.

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@Tropical_Willie No, that’s not it. I liked the record so much, I could sing all the lyrics. I can remember them all (except the word for “t”).

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@bkcunningham It was not. I’ve been searching for years and have not been able to find the lyrics or the music. It starts with the ABC song/Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and then moves on with the following lyrics:

“A” is for the apple that hangs upon the tree,
“B” is for the birds that sing for you and me.
“C” is for the camel with a hump upon ts back,
“D” is for the duck that goes, “quack, quack, quack.”

And the lyrics continue, through to the last couplet:

“Z” is for the zebra that you see out at the zoo,
And now my ABC Song I leave to you!!

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Sony walkman. Discman.

@blondesjon – me too, just a few years older.

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