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Is it illegal to put fake reviews on your website?

Asked by pcmonkey (424points) June 19th, 2011

If you’re website doesn’t have any reviews, is it illegal to make up some? To you know, get the people to be like “Oh, some other people like this website”

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Yeap. Its also illegal to pay other people to write reviews for you.

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Only if you also provide fake attribution to real people.

The Onion website does fake reviews, opinions, letters and news accounts all the time. But they are obviously fake and done for the purpose of humor, social commentary, satire and parody.

Purpose, like context, counts for something.

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Why bother deceiving people?

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You can review your own product, as long as you state that you are an employee or owner of the company.

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Why wouldn’t it be illegal? Isn’t it fraud?

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It doesn’t matter if it’s illegal, the question you should be asking is if it’s ethical?
And I suspect you already know the answer to that! ;)

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Right @flo . Not ethical. Why don’t you work on getting some reviews? A company hired me to call their clients one summer and to write up their comments to put on their site. It takes some time but it’s legit.

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…Besides when you get found out, you will regret it. And how would you like it if it were you who got deceived?

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Look people I didn’t mean it like that. I was going to get people I knew and get them to do the service. and write a review for it. So I would have extra reviews. But it’s not me or anyone I paid to do it. Geez

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I think for me the ” make up some”, threw me off. ;)
Again, advise is the same: listen to yourself, you know what’s honest and what’s not. :)

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@pcmonkey “is it illegal to make up some?” I second what @Bagardbilla wrote above.
And people you know are going to do you a “favor” and give a positive review. Let people you don’t know write the reviews.

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