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Do you have a second or third job?

Asked by Facade (22881points) June 19th, 2011

Most people seem to be low on cash these days and are scraping by. Besides your regular job (if you are employed), what else are you doing to make money?

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I am working at a Russian cuisine restaurant, part-time work at a fast food chain called Bojangles, and singing for the local opry.

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I have two part time jobs. Like my profile says, I teach wilderness skills. I teach at a wilderness school, in a program specifically for homeschooled kids. I also do part time security work at a mental hospital, but in reality I spend most of the time doing the same things I do at the wilderness school, which is wander around outdoors and work on primitive crafts. For the past four days I’ve been collecting plant fibers and making cordage. I also Fluther at the security job.

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No as my one job is enough and equal to 2 full time jobs as it is.

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I’m working 60 hours a week as it is, but am only paid for 40. It would make sense to take a second job. Many people my age have second jobs, but usually something related to things they do well, like home repairs, sewing for others, cooking, teaching at the community college.

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Yup. I have a data entry job on the side. As many or as few hours a week as I want/can handle.

For those keeping score, this is not the horrible data entry job I have complained about in the past. This one is halfway interesting and can be done from wherever I am provided there is an internet connection.

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I did, for almost five years (and I went back to school 3½ years ago). I was finally able to quit my second job last March, thank goodness, because I was practically dropping dead from exhaustion. I don’t even know how I survived my class last fall…

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I worked two and three extra jobs for twenty years. I am paying for it now, but it was worth it when I learned how much Social Security I would be receiving.

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@john65pennington What do you mean you’re paying for it now?

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I have had three and four jobs at the same time in the past, now I have one but it is enough to keep me very busy.

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I have four jobs at the mo. My full time job in an office, a receptionist job on Saturday mornings and some evenings, cleaning and a rep for Ann Summers. I may have a fifth job lined up and if that is the case then I will be able to give up the cleaning job.

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I have a F/T payroll job and also an on-call job that gives me about 20hrs per week, straight pay. I work an average of 65hr weeks this year, down from 72hr weeks last year. It’s what it takes in order to pay my portion of the household bills and also some of things important to me like getting away once a month somewhere with my fiancee, sending my mom on a vacation, affording car maintenance, keeping our pets health, paying for things like clothes up front.

I don’t use credit or make car payments.

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