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Must be summer, fluther; questions about sex and swimming pools abound - hardly any homework question - what are some other signs of the fluther change in seasons?

Asked by _zen_ (7857points) June 20th, 2011
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Some of us college kids are actually out and about on the site more than we usually are during the school year.

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Nose bleeds, questions about deserted islands and how epic our Summers as kids were, as well as marauding Aztecs wanting to steal my soul.

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All the questions about what the best air conditioner is.

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@wundayatta You want conditioned air, young grasshoppah!? Try the exhilarating speed of the one inch strike, or the cool evening winds brushing upon thy corned ankles! Bust down that pillah, champion!
DO IT. A belt is only used to keep your pants up, show me your soul.

I often attribute Summer with martial arts, and I’m not entirely sure why.

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All the gardening questions. Speaking of which, I think it’s time that I test that spinach I’ve been growing.

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There are always a lot of ‘what should I give so and so’ when xmas is coming, and recipes for desserts. -always a good thing.

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I was going to ask a question about fireflies/lightning bugs but I didn’t. That’s kind of a summer thing for me; my not bothering to ask a summery question as opposed to me not bothering to ask some other kind of question.

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The How Can I Make Money Over the Summer? questions. Aww, come on Jellies…help this young teen out.

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