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What is a genre of fiction that you have never given a chance, and why didn't you give it a chance?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21467points) June 21st, 2011

I answered this question and it got me to thinking about how people view certain kinds of books. I know that many people eschew certain kinds of books because they believe that all books in that genre are not worth their time because it is a genre that isn’t taken seriously in certain circles.

As someone who read almost exclusively fantasy and a sprinkling of science fiction, I come up against this idea a lot. I may suggest a book to someone and they do not read it because fantasy isn’t taken seriously as a genre as others.

So, Jellies, what is a genre that you avoid reading and why do you avoid it?

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Romance Novels. No thanks.

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I will read anything if I am desperate enough. But I generally avoid bodice-ripper type romances because I think they are silly, most historical fiction because it bores me, and Tom-Clancy type testosterone-driven thrillers because I don’t identify with them at all.

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I just wasn’t interested in Fabio’s loins…or his puffy shirts

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Horror. The real world is scary enough already.

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No reason other than complete lack of interest

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I’ve read all the major genres at some point but I rarely read mystery, sci-fi or fantasy anymore. I’ve already read a ton of it and have come to the conclusion that there’s a lot more bad in these genres than good. Though I’m not sure how the ratio compares to other genres. Maybe I’m just more aware of it in those.

On top of that, I’ve come to acknowledge that I prefer sci-fi and fantasy stories told through tv or movies. A video or film telling just has more opportunity to indulge in the vibrance and invention of sci-fi and fantasy. Plus, if it’s bad, it takes less time to watch a bad movie than read a bad book.

That said one of my favorite books is a free-verse romance novel about werewolf gang warefare in Los Angeles. Believe it or not it’s quite good. And its movie adaption is looking promising.

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Romance, Western, and whatever you call the genre with gritty, hard-boiled, realistic violence.

Romance: My stomach is easily upset, and I don’t enjoy nausea.
Western: Why would I?
Violence: No taste for it.

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Anything in the nonfiction section based upon war.

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I’ve read and have liked at least one book in every genre of fiction. But my least favorite out of all of them is romance.

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Historical, Western, Romance, and no doubt many others I’ve never heard of.

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To be perfectly honest I’ve read them all.
Thrillers, action, comedy, horror, fantasy, romance, mystery, western, historical, sci-fi, drama, chick etc.

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Romance fiction, Westerns and “Chick Lit.” They just don’t interest me, really. And I read horror fiction when I was in high school but it really doesn’t interest me and hasn’t for a long time. I like a good story and compelling characters. Any genre fiction, of any type, if it is too formulaic will not interest. If the story and the characters are there only to carry the formulaic elements of the genre it’s not really worth reading for me. And there are a number of very “literary” type writers who were genre writers like Dashiel Hammett and JG Ballard, for example. I tend, though toward going on “sub-genre” kicks sometimes. I was into “caper fiction” for while, stuff like Donald Westlake’s and an alternative history kick for a while until I ran out of the kind of alternate history books I liked. That’s the problem with some of the sub-genre stuff. not enough of them. But I really read a lot less fiction than I used to. I’ve tended to prefer non-fiction for the last 15 years or so. There’s so very much good, compelling non-fiction out there now.

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Oh, yeah, and Chick Lit. Thanks, @lillycoyote. I guess I’ve simply banished it from awareness.

I’ve thought of one other: Christian fiction. Never.

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Romance, why read about hot steamy sex when you can just have it?

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@Jeruba You’re welcome, though I really should be apologizing for bringing Chick Lit, which you had successfully managed to banish to the dark recesses of your subconscious mind, back into the light of your conscious mind.

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In defense of the romance genre, not all of it is smutty. I enjoyed reading Jane Austen’s novels, as well as a few other classics, like Gone With the Wind.

Edit: I read one modern romance novel once, and that was enough to swear it off. But at least I gave it a try.

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I’ve tried to read all of the genres below, except Christian.

Smutty Romance – It’s icky.
Christian – I’m not Christian.
Tom Clancy type stuff – I don’t find testosterone stories all that thrilling.
Chic Lit – It bores and irks me.
Vampires – I don’t know why, but I find the whole Twilight fad very unappealing to read (or watch).
War – I find it boring.
Western – Again, not insterested.

I added Smutty to romance .. @Pied_Pfeffer made a good point while I was typing.

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I’ll even read the Harlequin romance if it is the only book there, and the Christian. By choice these are gone though. What category does Danielle Steele fall under? I sure don’t read her books.

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Whatever dudes. I for one am looking forward to some serious smut in Fanny Hill and The Eleven Thousand Rods.

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Children fantasy… is that a genre??? I can’t seem to get myself to give books like harry potter a chance… I enjoy reading adult and serious fantasy and sci-fi.

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I think I’ve given most genres of books a try, including westerns and sci-fi.

I’ve only read one Harlequin novel, though, and I didn’t enjoy it. I haven’t read anything like it since.

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Fantasy Dungeon and Dragons (ish). No interest whatsoever!!!!!

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Romance and Christian. Christian because, well, I’m atheist, and romance because I just don’t like it.

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Western, Romance…and apparently what is referred to as Inspirational.
Now, if they combined all three into one…that might be kind of awesome.

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A lone figure in the middle of the square, Fabio softly caresses the trigger of his gun. The sun beats down on his well-oiled man chest. Sweat is gathering on his brow. And not so attractively around his pits. Fabio was beginning to think that his lucky pirate ruffle shirt (85% polyester /15% rayon) was not the best attire for a showdown at high noon. But any thoughts of last minute wardrobe changes were interrupted by the sound of approaching steps. The brim of the man’s hat was pulled down low. His face was hidden, but Fabio knew who it was. There was only one person around these here parts who could pull off spurs on sandals, Jesus.

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@Nimis Have you read the fluther erotica? Ugh, there’s a whole thread of it somewhere but right now I’m just finding wundayatta’s. Where did that thread go? It was awesome.

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I read a lot of genre fiction, mostly science fiction, fantasy and crime. But I’m just not interested in romance or “chick-lit” at all.

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You know, I’ve always wondered exactly what “chick-lit” is. I don’t think I’ve ever read any, but I do not think I would know it if I saw it.

@downtide: Oh, and I couldn’t get past the first chapter in the first book of The Mortal Instruments. It was childishly written and the characters were boring and flat from the get-go.

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I read a “chick-lit” story once. It involved a female lead character, aged twenty-something, middle-class with a middle-class if somewhat boring job, having “adventures” that involve giggly girlfriends, shoes, dating a string of jerks and ending up with Mr Perfect.

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I don’t know any chicks who would read that.

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@KatawaGrey The only 2 books of Danielle Steeles books that I read would count as chick-lit to me ( I gave her a second chance) She writes Harlequins with a little more sophistication. But she sold a bazillion books and made movies so maybe I should be so Harlequin.

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Sci-Fi. It’s just a genre that has never held my interest. Sorry @KatawaGrey

I also avoid chick lit. It really irritates me.

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I try to read all the genres I can, since it used to be part of my job, but I never had to read Westerns, since they aren’t too popular with people who read YA lit. I don’t much get into and whatever Robin Cook and Dean Koontz write (thriller?) YUCK.

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