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What makes you decide to quit watching a movie (on TV)

Asked by rebbel (35553points) June 21st, 2011

You are sitting down to watch a movie on television, one you haven’t seen before.
What has to happen in it to make you switch channels and leave the film be?
Do you give the movie a second chance for some more minutes after you witnessed the annoying fact?

I am done with a movie when they feel the need to explain a whole background of a character in three sentences in the beginning minutes.

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If I’m bored in the first 15 minutes, I turn the channel. I think I’m generous in giving the movie 15 minutes to perk my interest.

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I just fall asleep.:)

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When I’m in the middle of the movie and I have no idea what’s going on. It must give me a boner, a mental boner or the old fashioned boner.

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If in the first 15 minutes I don’t know what’s going on or am more interested in doing something while watching a show at the same time then I usually switch off or leave it as background noise.

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If it bores me or has loud heavy metal music playing.

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If it’s a comedy that’s not funny.

If it’s too predictable.

Anything with really bad acting.

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If there is non-stop violence, or conversely, if there is too much long, boring shots of hallways or streets, with zero dialog.

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My wife flashing me does it every time.

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@Cruiser: I like that. My guy will turn on the shower and then “psst-psst” me from around the corner ;p Beats TV or movies anytime!

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@Neizvestnaya DVR’s take away any excuse to not seize the moment!

@FutureMemory Yes I am! ;)

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Usually the first 15 minutes, I will know, as others suggested. If I’m not into it and/or don’t know what’s going on by then ..I usually turn it off. However, there have been many times that I will end up watching the whole movie (waiting for it to get better). I think those times have been the result of absolute boredom or being too physically ill to move.

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^Or too lazy to pick up the remote. :-)

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Too many commercials.

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What @FutureMemory said. Ditto.

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@redfeather I agree. I would not willingly watch a movie with commercials in it.

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@PluckyDog sometimes I start watching a movie I own on DVD on TV and then during the third or fourth commercial break I think, “WTF am I doing?!”

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If it features any of the Glee or High School Musical kids, I’m out.

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If it appears goofy, too much guns/fighting/violence, too much ignorant vulgar swearing, or if the acting is below acceptability. Of course, if the plot doesn’t present itself fairly soon I’m gone.

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“Dinners ready!”

The heck with the movie, let’s eat.

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@john65pennington Nice. :)

Being a big movie fan, not much will chase me away. However, Sweeny Todd was so fucking boring that not even halfway through, I just let it play, and went online.

There’s even some guy who gets his throat slashed to no end. Imagine me being bored of that.. But I WAS. A little after that part I gave up, and in the end of the movie, I looked at the TV, and Todd sent his wife to hell or something. I denno. I usually love Johnny Depp. But this was ass.

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1. The movie sucks.
2. Lousy TV edits
3. Too many commericals
4. Too many ads on screen during the movie

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Oh yeah, @rockfan. I completely forgot about on-screen ads. I hate those so much! Especially the moving ones, people walking around on the bottom of the screen. Or when they are huge and cover up an important part of the film like the subtitles, FFS! Yeah. That’ll make me change channels too.

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If my face turns all weird & comatose like. You know, like those people in The Ring ;¬}

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