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Fluther has sent me over 40 emails in the past 2 days, help?

Asked by Tay122 (416points) June 21st, 2011

I have recieved over 40 emails from Fluther in the past two days. I like being on Fluther and i’d hate to quit it but i can’t stand all those emails piling up in my inbox. Is there away to stop the emails?

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You can change that under My Account>Account Settings>Notifications.

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What would compel them to contact you so much?

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It’s all in the way you have your notifications set. I see that @FutureMemory has already shown you how to change them, so that’s good.

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Luckily you can change it.

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@Garebo He was getting notified every time someone answered his questions

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Or you could simply set it so they go to your spam folder and you can check your spam folder if you really want to know if someone answered your question.

That’s why you should always use a junk email address whenever you sign up for something so you don’t get flooded with emails.

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