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Was anyone else experiencing withdrawl symptoms while Fluther was down?

Asked by loser (15032points) January 23rd, 2009 from iPhone

I sure was!!!

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Some of us were in the chat room whining.

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I went shopping.

Fluther down = good for the economy

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i TOTALLY was! on the other hand, it’s the only reason i did anything productive this afternoon…

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I was just about to post my second topic for the day when the website was shut. Obviously, i was not satisfied and don’t know what the hell is happening , i clicked “post” many times before decided to save the whole crap that i wanted to post. I tried at least 10 times to access the website because they did not post anything to mention what’s going on at the beginning. After that, i spend time watching Ben’s talk on fluther in youtube. Its just today man, i got to post my crap to get some response and so happen it went down. Probably they hate my post.

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<———this guy

i tried going in chat but that was empty when i looked. I had like a half hour of despair it was horrible. lol

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I finally got my art supplies for class, which takes place tomorrow. Fluther makes me procrastinate. :’(

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@asmonet….doing your job for the economy too, eh?

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Me! I was upset! I came by and it was down for soooo long.

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I was and I couldn’t get into the chat room to whine!

Double downer!

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I can’t stand the fluther updates. It is fine how it is.

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I never knew you could miss a website so much. Yeah, the withdrawl thing affected me too. It’s nice to be back in the collective.

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I was at work jumping back & forth between here & AV. Yes, I did miss it. Why don’t they do that during the night???

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@jbfletcherfan We didn’t plan it. It just magically went down.

Glad to know you guys were missing it while we were away. We’ll do our best to avoid that in the future.

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It’s called a 12 step program people! Gawd!

ok i admit a tiny bit of panic

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Happily, I missed the whole thing :)
I shudder to think how I would have reacted.

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@augustlan It was horrible! Simply horrible!!!

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@jbfletcherfan You are loyal to ASKVILLE?!?!?!
Flutherers——thou musteth beith a witch…...eth….!!!!!

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The amount of time I spend on fluther seems to be inversely proportional to the amount of satisfaction I derive from my social life. Is this true for anyone else?

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In smaller words, please?
I have more friends on fluther than the world, but still have some friends in real life. I don’t know because not everyone likes me on Fluther anyway. But hey, without evil, there is no good so what are you going to do?

[edit to save space]: vvv It might be too late now. Just Kidding. It’s cool, though. Just say that Fluther is better!!

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@ben, thanks for the info. It was a bummer.

@90,‘s yes, I’m an AV’er, too. Please don’t tell anyone, tho, okay? I don’t wnat to be burnt at the stake! ;-)

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Yes, I am still shaking, it did not come up a moment too soon.

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I had an improv group to go to, so it’s good it went down, or I’d’ve been late!

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I didn’t know Fluther was down. My laptop fried on Sunday night, and I just got back up and running late last night (Friday).

I made it through my withdrawls and read 3 books in the meantime. Thank goodness I could still shop with my Kindle!

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i am so glad i wasn’t home for that/somehow missed it. ignorance is bliss. if i’d known it, i would have never felt a stronger urge to fluther.

edit: apparently this happened during the day? that would explain it. if it went down at night i would be refreshing the page in constant panic D:

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I didn’t experience withdrawl from no fluther. I did however from not exersizing as much. Being a boarderline anorexic I experience exersize withdrawl when I feel like I haven’t done enough.

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