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Zombie or resistance?

Asked by _zen_ (7854points) June 21st, 2011

I’ve asked over a thousand questions, had to finally ask a zombie one.

The world is run over by them, and there are precious few resistance groups. You can choose, here’s the catch:

It is a very, very difficult uphill battle against them – you are in a resistance group a la Terminator – it will never be a picnic – you will never be able to rest or relax.

If you choose zombie, you will have eternal life, and RnR at the zombie level.

Which, and why, do you choose it?

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Eternal life? Fuck that bullshit.

Were I to spend two minutes of my existence making the undead fall like flies by the thousands, then my existence, it would have found meaning. I will die a tragic death, as there I am! A looming figure, hoeing like a madwoman, as the sky is painted with blood and limbs, the zombies fall, and I stand ‘pon a mount of them! My scythe reaps the darkness, as the Moon shames herself to draw its light ‘pon me!
I will die a tragic hero, and it will be splendid.

In the end, the curse of God will bring me down…but I have given you hope. You will fight back. And you will win. The world will be at peace once the more.

When people no longer believe in zombies, they shall still believe in Symbeline. This is my dream, and it is my will.

When there is no more room in Hell, the Dead shall walk the Earth.

I will be gone, but as of my passing, thou shalt built a Heaven.

Can you save it from becoming a metaphor that which appears in a zombie movie?

I’ve done my part. The rest is up to you. I won’t live to see it. And of that, I’ve no wish.

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”Confront them with annihilation, and they will then survive; plunge them into a deadly situation, and they will then live. When people fall into danger, they are then able to strive for victory.”

“Throw them into perilous ground, and they will survive; plunge them into Death Ground, and they will live.”

Sun Tzu

I would go down swinging. When a person is on death ground, it is either victory or death. You have no choice; you would fight to 101% of your ability, literally leaving it all out on the battlefield. What else is there?

”He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious.”

Sun Tzu

If I could only swat one and vanish in the brush to wait hours to swat another, then that is the way I would fight, but fight I would.

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If I could retain at least one aspect of me, then I’d go zombie. otherwise I’d be a resistance fighter with monthly injections of telomerase, or maybe I’ll be Albert Wesker. who knows?

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Weh-heh-hell then, upon demonstrating that zombies can eat sushi and have sex, I might be persuaded to switch. Till then, I kill them alive!

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It doesn’t matter what I want. I have almost no chance of extended living due to my wife and kids. I’ll die (eaten or zombified) in a futile attempt to save them.

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I’m fighting, too. Don’t want to live forever, don’t want to be a zombie, don’t want zombies to rule and terrorize a world once full of life.
I just have a technical question… how exactly to you kill one, if they’re already dead, immortal?

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Might as well fight like hell. It’s not like we have to worry about keeping a job or worry about any bills. Plus it provides guilt free humanoid sniping.

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@DancingMind Like a Highlander, you take the head off, the body even dead has tohave a head. I guess you could napalm them but you won’t have a jet.

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I’m not going down without a fight.

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None of the above.

Going out with a bang is great in theory. But after your little Rambo escapade, they’re still going to infect you. It’s not like they’re going to eat you out of existence. You’re just going to be an uber-mangled zombie. Who knows if you even have the correct parts left for zombie sex? Sorry, Photosopher.

No thanks.

I’d rather off myself. Shotgun into a watery grave. Drowning doesn’t seem fun.
But don’t want to leave a snack laying around for them either.

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I choose resistance ..even if it’s futile. Why? Because I don’t want to be a zombie ..they are gross and they smell bad. However, if I fail in resistance ..then it’s zombie time for me. I’d rather die fighting.

Gah! I just gave @Photosopher a great answer by accident…I do not agree with you. Zombie sex would be absolutely disgusting.

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I’m going to go down the French resistance route. After all, in the end the zombies are toast. Survival of the fittest & all that.

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Zombies have a shorter life expectancy than live humans do. Seven Scientific Reasons Zombie Outbreak Would Fail Quickly. I’d prefer to choose resistance and master Hide & Seek or Whack-A—Mole- Zombie skills.

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Just as it is better to live than to die, it is better to die than become a zombie, which is a mockery of life.

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@DancingMind Aye, removing the head will work. Be careful though, if the brain of the zombie isn’t destroyed, the head will remain alive. Granted, it can’t do much on its own, but certain kung fu priests may beg to differ.

The key is to destroy the brain, through whichever means possible. Head shot, immolation, slice it in half, bludgeoning…

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Awe now @PluckyDog even Zombies need to get some every now and then. And after they chop us to shreds the only things left of us might be our dismembered sex organs. I can see it now, a scabby little self standing penis and vagina slithering off into the sunset together. How cute!


Life as a zombie would be boring, even eternally and sexually. No I wouldn’t. Resistance is much more exciting.

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Resistance!! it will be hell ofcourse, no time to relax but better to die fighting proudly than being a zombie eeww

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I would pick resistance but alone. No one to take care of. Just me against the world. Which is already kind of that way. Naturally, I like it!

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