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Does anyone remember what "Skintimate" shave gel used to be called?

Asked by Seelix (14886points) June 22nd, 2011

Skintimate shave gel was brought on the market sometime in the early 90s, but it had a different name.

Does anyone remember? I think it was something punny, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was.

I’m just curious – this is one of those little things that’s been driving me nuts for years now.

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Here in WI, I think it was always called Skintimate. It was a former holding of a local company called SC Johnson the owners of Glade, pledge, etc

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Hmm… Well, I guess I could be thinking of a different brand that’s no longer available, but I’m pretty sure that, at least in Canada, Skintimate was originally marketed under a different name. I have a fuzzy memory of a name change and thinking that the new name was stupid, but I could be inventing that.

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Are you thinking of EDGE which was the male beard shaving gel ? ? Sold by the same company.

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@Tropical_Willie – Nope. This was made for women, and I remember its coming on the market because it happened around the time I started to shave my legs when I was 12 or so. Maybe it’s just an invented memory.

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@Seelix Was it the same type of can/bottle?

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@SpatzieLover – It was. It’s not that big a deal, just a little niggling thing :)

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A-ha! I finally found it! It used to be called SoftSense! I’ve Googled it before, but I guess this one link got lost among all the shopping results.

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Ahhh…that’s why I asked….I couldn’t remember the name, but the bottle was different for that product here. It was a squeeze bottle. I loved the stuff, but it didn’t last long here.

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Softsense, I remember. I guess Skintimate is supposed to sound sexier. Seems to me the suggestion of sex as in soft sounds sexier.

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No matter what the article said, I think they had to switch because of the lotion/soap with the same name by Jergens.

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