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Dr. Oz vs Gary Taubes: (june 21/2011) What did you think of it?

Asked by flo (13313points) June 22nd, 2011

Here is the link
Gary Taubes refused to submit to the cholesterol test on the show.
Dr. Oz sells things instead of just enlightening public about health. He had John Edwards et al. and on and on. How can this be allowed to happen?

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It is entertainment nothing more. I would not want either one to be my primary health care source.

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@WestRiverrat There is nothing entertaining about medical misinformation, or fraud.

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Gosh, you mean people who are essentially the used car salesmen of the medical world are involved in unethical things and saying untrue falsehoods? Who could have imagined?

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@MyNewtBoobs Are you suggesting we should expect and accept the lowest standards, just because they happen to exist?

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This is just a personal opinion, but I hate Dr. Oz. I think he is incredibly irresponsible for leading people to believe that everything he says is healthy is the absolute truth (obviously different things are healthy for different people), and having a show like that just encourages people to accept the free health advice rather than going to checkups to get personalized health advice. I could go on with more specific reasons for my fiery buring contempt for the man, but I’ll stop there.

That said, I didn’t see the episode, but I clicked on the link. I don’t know whose diet ideas are correct, and don’t really care. I already know that I personally should follow very few of the health tips aimed at the general public.

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The advice that Dr. Oz dispenses is backed by medical research and controlled studies. Gary Taubes is a charlatan who has been scamming the public for years. I remember looking up years ago and reading that he was sued for unsubstantiated claims he made in a book/dvd he was selling.

@Mariah What Dr. Oz says is healthy is supported by the majority of the medical community. How is it irresponsible to tell viewers the same thing their doctors would likely tell them?

The idea that “obviously different things are healthy for different people” really needs to be put in context. Are you saying cheesecake and french fries are healthy for some people and not others?

Finally, Dr. Oz does not encourage people to watch his show instead of going to a real doctor. In fact, he frequently tells people to see their doctor if they show symptoms of a wide variety of illnesses and disorders.

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@drdoombot Lots (although not all) of what Oz says is actually not backed by the medical community, or is a vast and controversial oversimplification of a nuanced subject.

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@MyNewtBoobs I’m not a huge fan of Dr. Oz, so I don’t follow everything he says, but I’ve never seen anything stated by him that was grossly controversial. Most articles at his website,, start with “Recent studies have shown…”

Do you happen to know of any examples of controversial claims made by Dr. Oz that I can look up?

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@drdoombot Here’s an example of different things being healthy for different people. Spinich. Universally healthy, right? No, if I eat spinich I will get a kidney stone. These blanket statements about what’s healthy and what isn’t just aren’t accurate for many people. Hopefully those people will be smart enough to know that and to visit their doctor instead of taking Oz’s advice, but even though Oz himself encourages them to do so, I fear the availability of free advice from a doctor will encourage many not to.

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Oh, and for something controversial: he recently had a faith healer on his show, and he implied the entire time that seeing a faith healer is a valid medical choice.

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Dr. Oz helped Gary Taubes to sell his book. That is a huge free ad. It is not even worth addressing this guy, and if it is, he could have addessed his erroneous theory without having him there, and eating the garbage food on the air. Dr. Oz raised his credibility in fact, never mind that he said he disagreed with him.

He rewards audience members with plane tickets and other things for answering questions. Nobody raises an eyebrow as in the legal dept.? What is the AMA doing not dissociating itself from him?
@MariahI could go on with more specific reasons for my fiery buring contempt for the man, but I’ll stop there” It is true there is more that people just are blind about.

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A Regular MD and a Dernmatologist were on the show July 12/2011, speaking about Chromium 6. Their credentials were removed from the videos.
Maybe the Doctors genuiinely believe what they are saying, but why Dr. Oz needs to hide that they are not specialists in this area.

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