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How to get printer icon back in systems tray?

Asked by AshlynM (10183points) June 23rd, 2011

Somehow my printer icon is missing from my systems tray. How to get this back? Does it only show when I print?

I tried right clicking on the tray, properties, notifications area but nothing showed an option to put the printer icon back.

Any other ideas?

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Restarting Explorer worked for me… Open a DOS box and issue the following commands:

taskkill /f /im explorer.exe

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Again, any computer questions must be filled with detail – at least the OS.

I’ll assume you are running WinXP. If so….
– right-click on the “start” button
– select “properties”
– select the “taskbar” tab
– click the “customize” button
– find the printer icon you want to show in your systray
– click the value in the “behavior” column and change to “Always show”
– click OK

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Sorry, I’m running Windows Vista, which I detest.

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re: Vista – Sorry to hear that @AshlynM. Vista is really an unfortunate piece of vomit. However, it shouldn’t be too different to set the systray icon visibility.
– right-click on the taskbar and click “Properties”
– click the “Notification Area” tab
– I believe there is either a “customize” button or the option to uncheck “Hide inactive icons”.

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