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Why can't I print coupons online?

Asked by AshlynM (10592points) June 23rd, 2011

Everytime I try, the site kicks me out to my desktop and completely closes my web browser. I have the coupon software installed like it required me to so not sure why it’s kicking me out.

Anyone else have this problem and know what I can do to remedy this situation?

If it matters, I’m on Windows Vista 64 bit and using IE.

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Every time I am at a site that has online coupons I cannot download them. I am always redirected to a blank page with another redirect link that takes me to a page that cannot be displayed. I am so frustrated. Is it my computer? How do I change it so I can print coupons? Or do I have to download something to allow me to access printable coupons?

cuz it would be copywriting.

do you have Adobe Reader on your computer? sometime this program is nessessary.

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What coupon software? What site?

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I think it may depend on the web browser because I just tried printing on a different one and it worked. Thanks anyway.

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