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Sony Vegas Pro 10 or Adobe Premiere Pro CS5?

Asked by comicalmayhem (809points) June 23rd, 2011

If you have used both or know both, give a side by side comparison why you think one is better than the other. If you’ve only used one of them, tell me why you like it so much.

Also, what’s in Adobe After Effects that’s not in Vegas or Premiere?

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I dont have in-depth knowledge abt these tools.. but from what i know—

comparing the two softwares- youtube video

After Effects is strongly used for VFX used by special effects experts.. Premiere and Vegas are more like advanced video editing tools used by movie editors.. Hence, Premiere and After Effects are used together as they fit well (adobe)

Again google adobe premiere vs sony vegas and you will get many discussion forums and pages… there is Final Cut too that is comparable to these two..

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Edit. Never mind.

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@krrazypassions Yeah, but I didn’t ask about Final Cut cause I can’t afford an editing program AND a Mac. If I did have a Mac, I’d most likely get Final Cut.

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Well it depends. If you already have some experience with adobe software if would go for adobe premiere as it will seam the most familiar. But then again both programs are great for editing… the best way to find out which one is best fit for you is to go through some tutorials or reviews and decide based on that. This is more a personal choice then it is a choice of better quality.

Hope this helps.

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