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If the Zombie Apocalypse occurred, what would you bring?

Asked by kaywizard (280points) June 23rd, 2011

List 5 thing you’ll want to have on hand?

Fell free the poke fun at this, but so far i’m bringing a ham and a shotgun. :)

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An axe.
A blowtorch/flamethrower.
A net for throwing over them.
An armored car with tires that can drive over them.
A girlfriend to keep me company.

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I bring lots and lots of friends who can’t run as fast as I can.

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I don’t know but I can tell you what I would bring to the Yarn-pocalypse….yarn!

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A hanging basket
Inflatable rubber ring
Those little carpets some people put on top of the toilet
Sensible shoes
A Curly Wurly

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1. A gamma ray generator
2. Books
3. Selection of CD’s
4. My computer
5. A crate of pineapple chunks.

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A Pitbull
A Katana Sword
A Backpack
A Crowbar
A Kevlar Suit

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All I will need is this. my MP3 player, a six pack, my Remington 12 gauge for runaway strays and a ham and turkey with tomato sub sandwich.

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@Cruiser is the sandwich for you or the zombies?

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@kaywizard It’s for the person riding shotgun in the cab! I need them to have a full belly and be alert!

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I would bring evidence that there were no such thing as zombies so people shut the eff up! Lol.

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Grappling gear
An AR-15 variant plus ammo and rifle cleaning kit
change of clothes

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I know my plant and wild life.

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A chewing gum
My iPad
Incendiary Dan
My zombie dog

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My Computer
My Dog
The biggest knife in my kitchen
A super spy zombie killer outfit
My iPod

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I like that two people so far answered they’d bring me. I’m surprised Fiddle_Bastard wasn’t mentioned, because we’ve basically figured out we could wipe out a zombie threat in a few weeks if we teamed up.

AMD-65 carbine
Mora Clipper knife
Barong machete
Fire Piston
Light fiberglass body armor with built in respirator

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@kaywizard Just to give a frame of reference, I’m planning on teaching a zombie apocalypse survival class this summer. Also, all those things I mentioned are things I actually own, except for the armor which is still in the process of being made (but I do have a gas mask separate from the armor).

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@kaywizard Same survival advice I’d give to most people: know how to start and maintain good fires, how to build and maintain good shelters (particularly how to make it defensible in a zombpocalypse), how to purify water, how to get food in your climate, etc. Just make sure you can take care of your survival needs.

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@kaywizard Oh yea, and if you have any weapons, make damn sure you know how to use them safely. Same goes with any potentially dangerous tools.

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