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Can cats survive a little WD-40 ingestion?

Asked by sliceswiththings (11718points) June 24th, 2011

I have it on my hands, and I just pet the cat. When he cleans himself next, will he ingest the WD-40 particles and die?
:( :(

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WD-40 is not particularly toxic. I wouldn’t be too concerned.

“The oral toxicity of this product is estimated to be greater than 5,000 mg/kg based on an assessment of the ingredients. This product is not classified as toxic by established criteria.”

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And cats have a super sense of smell. At least mine can tell when stuff is bad for them. If you are really concerned you could put on a Kevlar bib and give the cat a proper bath.

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It’s mostly fish oil of some sort from what I understand…
Might explain why it ingested it.

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“It’s mostly fish oil”

That’s an urban legend.

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He’ll be alright. I’m sure he’s ingested much worse when you weren’t looking!

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Great, thanks! His mom’s out of town, that would be a nasty surprise for her to come home to.

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@Bagardbilla @crisw is right, and here it is from the horse’s mouth, the WD-40 folks, and they should know.

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Thanks guys (@crisw & @lillycoyote)... guess I better stop using it for my Sore muscles. I can’t believe people will lie on the Internet! ;)

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Just be certain you never leave any anti-freeze around. That will kill a pet fast and the sweet taste is attractive to them.

It usually happens when a car is leaking coolant which leaves puddles of it in the driveway.

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@Bagardbilla People lying on the internet. What next, people defrauding the elderly?

And yes, you should stop using it on your skin, I think. I have general rule that I never purposely rub production containing petroleum distillates on my skin, it’s just seems like a bad idea but I was reading the WD-40 MSDS that @crisw posted a link to in her first comment. She’s right that it’s not going to hurt the cat to ingest small quantities but it indicates skin exposure, I would assume frequent and prolonged, is a different story and can result in defatting(medical) I had to look that up because I was sure what it was but it’s not good and can cause some pretty nasty looking dermatitis.

Edit: That’s one of those damn tricky wikipedia links and it takes you to the “degreasing” entry rather than the “defatting (medical) entry and I don’t know how to fix those but here’s another discussion.

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Wow, topical.

My year old fluffykins just licked the entire track of our sliding glass door two weeks ago, the day after we sprayed it with WD40. She got her paws in it and cleaned those off as much as she could too before we noticed.

She’s fine, then again she’s normally fairly demented. Example: She refuses bacon, chicken wings and other people food… but WD40 was fucking delicious in her eyes.

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@lillycoyote Cats are kind of nuts. My Bugsy used to get into some scrapes and I’d clean his wounds with a cotton ball soaked in peroxide and it could be very difficult because he had an almost maniacal desire/need to suck on the cotton ball, on the peroxide. I have no idea what that was all about.

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