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Name this drink!

Asked by unused_bagels (1749points) June 24th, 2011

The bartender saves everything leftover in the shaker in a glass or some such recepticle, along with drinks that were never picked up. The bartender then mixes it all up and hands it to some brave soul to swallow down. What’s this called? I used to know the name.

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I think they call it a Suicide.

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Cheapskate cocktail ?

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@Kardamom Nah, I think that’s when you mix all the available soft drink flavors available.

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Back in the day when I bartended we called it the “Crap Bucket”. But we didn’t didn’t give it to anybody to drink. Because we were decent people.

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Everything but the Kitchen sink cocktail

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Shift Shots

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We called it a Shelf, as in a little of everything on the shelf.

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Tomorrow I will sit on the toilet and not get up.

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Le Fond de la Tombe. French Goth bars; bottom of the tomb.

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Mom and Dad’s liquor cabinet? We used to make absolutely hideous drinks from my parents’ liquor because we would take a little out of each bottle, noting the liquids’ levels in each, so the folks would be less likely to notice that any of the liquor was missing, and then drink it all mixed together. I could be pretty nasty sometimes.

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@lillycoyote Ha! I can just guess that they must have deduced that they weren’t making bottle caps like the old days. These newfangled ones have a terrible evaporation rate.

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@ETpro We just took a little out of each bottle. How could they know? lol. Yes, we fooled them, didn’t we? It was a pretty good system… well as far as we knew at least, but kids are stupid, particularly the ones who think they are smarter than their parents. Parents don’t have eyes in the back of their heads, they just see through your crap. And don’t get greedy, and don’t take a little out each night from a bottle of something your parents might use only once a month or more. Then, yes they certainly will notice that there’s about half of what was there the last time they looked.

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@lillycoyote Well, you’re here and never caught hell for it, so they either never noticed or decided to let you do your experimenting in peace. :-)

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@lillycoyote Always choose the clear stuff, and then you can just fill it back up with water. But choose the clear stuff they don’t use often…

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I enjoy a little “death decanter” myself, which resembles the drink you mention.

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@MyNewtBoobs HA! I had a friend whose dad had a bottle of clear tequila he’d brought back from Mexico, so it didn’t have any seals on the cap. (This was long ago before tequila became popular). My friend used to take a little out of the bottle and add water. Turns out his brother was doing the same thing.

Their dad had his financial planner over to sign a deal, and decided to have shots of the “unopened’ tequila. They got in a shitload of trouble when the shots were almost pure water.

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@zenvelo LOL. I was going to mention to @MyNewtBoobs that diluting with water could turn out to be a bad idea. Great story.

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@lillycoyote I always did it on the Schnapps type of stuff that I knew neither parent would ever drink, but kept around in the basement for the possible guest. No guest ever asked for any of it.

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