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What are search words that have hidden dangers for minors to use?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) June 25th, 2011

These days, racy material and porn seems to be a click away. Kids of my generation would have been salivating at the lips with a raging woody a cat could not scratch down. Seems many things one could search for could lead them unwittingly to adult sites. If you wanted to know what dance to dancers were dancing but didn’t know it was the tango or the mamba but wanted to find it, or you knew what it was but not how to spell it and used ”sexy dance” instead; adult content will pop up on the first 12 entries. Looking to buy school uniforms for your daughter or niece, schoolgirl uniform can lead you were you were not planning to go. What other words have you encountered or know if that sound like is should take you here, were you want to go, but leads you there, to adult content?

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Justin & Bieber! Don’t go there kids, it’ll pollute ya brains :¬(

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Would it really make sense to post such dangerous words here?

Isn’t the idea to keep minors from such sites instead of offering them a road map to get there?

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@johnpowell Eeeeeeewwwwwww… would have to be looking for that purposly, no way to find that by accident unless you typoed Saturn…..eeeeeewwwwww….good thing I was not about to eat!

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Many years ago, when we surfed the web with gophers, my kids were looking for “estes rockets”.
A porn site popped up. Why? It had “testes” and “pocket rockets” as key words.

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A lot of tags nowdays and can make everything pop out.

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Boyscouts, Eldercare, National Honor Society, Tithing

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Things I had to google to find out what they were, and did not like what I found:

- lemon party
– lolicon

Things that can show up strange things:

- any search term on google images with moderation turned off.
– weird japanese
– sausage

EDIT: some others that come to mind….

- cookbook (could bring up the anarchists cookbook)
– uncensured news (could bring up images of death and so on)


- vore
– bukkake
– gokun
– furry

(some “sex” terms not everyone will know)

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@poisonedantidote if you take it there then there’s cougar, milf , sugar daddy, bobcat, digger, cheetah, manther etc etc

And the list can continue to infinity since people invent words all the time for this not to mention the slang changes a lot.

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I think you can accidently stumble upon anything these days matter what word you search. I am continuously being shocked by simple everyday search results.

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If your aim is to gather such search terms for your own prurient interest, then the previous answers have done a good job for you.
If your aim is to prevent kids from finding ‘adult’ content in Internet searches then restricting the terms they use won’t work. Instead use Google’s Safe Search or a web filter to block unwanted results.

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Girls. Boys. Turkey breast.

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crafts, and most craft related words.

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^ What nefarious images or site would “dowel”, “decoupage”, or matt cutters” conjure up?

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