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Do you still print real photos for real photo albums?

Asked by Photosopher (1397points) June 25th, 2011

The photo lab business is going downhill fast because of all the online photo gallery services and home inkjet printers. But I see plenty of photo albums available at stores, racks and racks of them.

Do you print on your home inkjet? Is your library completely online? Does anyone use the 1hr photo labs any more?

How do you manage your photo library?

Special question for ShutterBugs… Do you ever use pro photo labs for custom enlargements (not 1hr labs) for that special pic? Do you frequent custom frame shops (not Walmart frames) to have your photography professionally displayed for interior artwork?

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Sure, all the time. I never have the money to keep ink on hand at home for our printer, so I usually get prints from Walmart. I have always loved looking through the family photo albums and still like to make them. I also love keeping our favorite pics on the refrigerator and frames throughout the house.

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Yes, I do still have some photo’s printed. Not very many, but if it’s a really good one and I want to share it, I’ll print it and send it to friends. Especially if it’s a good picture I took of them or their family. I have two beautiful pictures I took at the beach that I had enlarged and gave one to a friend for her beach condo. I usually do all my photo printing at Walmart and I went to a hobby store to get the frame which was just a poster frame. If I can ever afford a good frame, I’ll go to a frame shop.

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Yes. My mom just bought me an album to print pictures from a recent trip. I’ll put them on a disk and take them to Wal-Mart

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I don’t personally, but my family (Dad, Grandparents, etc) are notorious for taking way too many pictures at any family get together, and the photos remain mainly online, usually on Facebook.

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I still have a few rolls of undeveloped film.I used to take alot of photos with my Olympus OM1 I also have a Pentax K1000 :))
Now I just use a Canon Rebel and I love it.All my photos are on 3 computers and are not organized except by date.OMG I have ALOT. XD
There is a gallery in town that I have used to frame special photos.They are expensive but the work is great.
I have made my own frames and cutting glass is not difficult.I do however HATE to cut my own mats! You will recognise my handiwork by the small X’s in every corner LOL!
Today,I am going on a garden tour to get some more photos of flowers for painting ideas.Wanna go?? :)

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Would love to. But the Botanical Gardens are free here if I can get their before noon. I have a date with the koi.

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Yes, a few, for decoration around the house – as gifts – and to keep a real copy in an album occasionally. But most are online.

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I have about 15+ photo albums and get photos printed fairly often to put in them. My kids like looking at them. I get them printed by a cheap developer – load them up online, pay and then in a day or two they are delivered. 1 print costs 5p and they quite often have offers like 40 free prints for just £1.99 p&p.
@lucillelucillelucille I had a K1000 – it was my first grown up camera. I loved it

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Sure either Walmart or CVS when they have the ten cent prints. I just loaded photo albums not to long ago with many many pictures that I had hanging around here. It was fun going through them all. But I also love the printed hard cover books they offer at that you can have put together for you so that your pictures are printed directly into the book and they won’t eventually come out.

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I get photos printed at Costco – call me “old school.” I would like to and intend to put them in books, but I never do. It’s one of those “one day I will” projects and I have been saying that for 20 years.

I don’t understand people that have hundreds of photos in their cameras but never print them. I worked with a woman who lost her camera, and it had tons of valuable family photos in it – if she just printed on a regular basis, it would not have been such a loss. Losing the photos were more of a loss than losing the camera.

The scrapbooking business is huge, and scrapbooks consist in large part of photos.

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Yeah, and I use the local photo shop to print. I’ve done a bunch of traveling recently, and I wanted to make scrapbooks with ticket stubs and such and also real photos. I ordered a bunch from but the quality was pretty poor. I don’t care if it’s expensive, they look so nice printed from a photo shop!

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I shoot. I darkroom. I print. My newest love is my craptastic Holga. Love that 120. I would love to get my hands on a large format camera to mess around with.

I love my digital but I LOVE my film.
Nothing beats the smell of a wet contact sheet in the morning

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I still print pictures and at WalMart, Target or Walgreens. I also do senior photos for many of the low income seniors for my school and use these 3 stores to print their packages. If someone had a real eye for quality photos or quality prints, they would be able to tell the difference, but most people can’t.
I enlarged and framed a photo I took of a canyon last year—so yes, I still do print, enlarge, frame, etc—just not as often. now I feel like going through my digitals and printing them!

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