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What are some good things to feed ducks?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5906points) June 25th, 2011

My uncle and I are going to feed the ducks for an afternoon. I’m leaving the next day and this was on our to-do list. We don’t want to feed it bread because you can’t really find bread out in the wild. Plus it’ll make them fat and is unhealthy for them. Hence: they shouldn’t eat too much.

Is there anything better we can feed them?

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We used to have about ten ducks in our backyard. They went absolutely crazy for snails. Just be aware that a duck destroying a snail isn’t pretty.

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maybe some seeds or human food they don’t mind just not chicken or duck! (:

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It’s a sad day when humans worry about making the ducks too fat.

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I prefer duck when it’s fatty.

Bugs and small fish seem like good ideas.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies HEY! Carbs kill ducks too you know!

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Your best bet is to stop by a pet store on your way to feed the ducks. They have food that is made especially for them. You are right, that bread is not so good for them because it doesn’t give them proper nutrition. Go to the pet store and ask for Duck Feed, or Duck Pellets.

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Cracked corn is really good to feed ducks it contains half the protein a duck needs. My step-father lives on a lake and he feeds all the ducks that come around cracked corn and the love the stuff, he also puts out a bowl of water because they really fill their gullet with the stuff. However beware you will notice they will tell all their friends you have the good stuff though and all their friends and their families come along for breakfast and dinner. Don’t feed them whole corn it’s not good for them, it has to be the cracked corn.

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cobras and cornish hen

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Earth worms and snails are a favorite. But, the best thing for extreme Duck delight is chicken scratch, a mixture of cracked corn, wheat, millet and other scratch grains. Bread is junk food, not something a Duck or Goose can live on any more than we could.

A nice bag of Romaine Lettuce or other leafy greens are appriciated too.

If you feed bread make it a quality multi-grain bread not Wonder bread.

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I knew @Coloma would know! Honk honk. : )

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Unless you are feeding wild Mallards, most park ducks and geese are dumped domestics, a little bread is okay and chicken scratch is healthy. If the ducks you are feeding are domestic dumped ducks ( white ones, gray, buff, multi-colored, Mallard X’s etc. ) they cannot fly away to find new forage like wild ducks. Domestic Ducks and geese don’t fly and it is sad because they often get dumped in inadequate areas with nasty water and little grass of vegetation to graze on. It is especially bad in severe winters in many parts of the country where they will literally be frozen into ponds and starving.


Haha, well..everyones got their passions, honk, honk!

And what wrong with caring about Ducks? Care is care, be it human or animal.

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I don’t care about the health of ducks. I care about the taste. A fattened fowl is tastier than one on a low carb diet. Just thinking about it, duck fajita’s tomorrow!

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies I hope you realize that the OP is a young person, and an animal lover who just wants to find out what kind of food will be helpful and not harmful to these animals.

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It’s also just not true. The fat tastes better when the animal has eaten its proper diet.

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OK my bad. I’m very sorry.

Consider me the Quack.

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Cheese & quackers?

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Bread is nothing but grain. That’s why they like it. It won’t hurt the ducks.

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@Dutchess_III Most regular bread, that Americans eat, has little if any un-refined grain left in it. White bread, and most other breads (unless they specify that they are 100% whole grain bread) are highly refined and do not give the birds any useful nutrition. It’s basically junk food, just like it is for humans.

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