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What is your current bread addiction?

Asked by BellaB (6456points) December 13th, 2016

Bread. I love it. I love trying different breads. Injera from Ethiopia was last winter’s addiction. This year I’m on to Serbian lepinja.

Crusty bread. Chewy bread. Fluffy bread. Breadstuffs… bagels too.

What bread do you love and encourage Flutherites to try? are there seasonal breads you eagerly wait for?

Share the love of bread my friends!

My favourite bread-related song will be in the first post… check it out!

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Please have some

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I have a heavy, dense, 10,000 seed & grain bread in my fridge for toast and sandwiches but, I am halfway through a wonderful, fresh from the bakery, loaf of sourdough I am eating with abandon with a delicious spinach and artichoke dip the last few days. I cut up the bread and put it in a bowl with the dip then make a plate of thin sliced italian dry salami, extra sharp white cheddar, olives and sliced apples on the side. My lunch for the last 3 days running. haha

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That lunch sounds great @Coloma . I’ve always wanted to try an authentic West Coast sourdough. I like the sourdough we get here and want to try the real thing. What dairy is the cheddar from?

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I encourage lepinja, and now I want to eat some myself. They are excellent for a sandwich. (the Serbian pljeskavica with sour cream, ketchup, mayonnaise, meat, cabbage, salad, you can even put some vegetables like tomatoes and whatever your heart wishes. Play this to feel Serbian af)

damn, I’m hungry and you come with this question…

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The bread I bake. It’s like fresh crack

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@Sneki95 that piece of music makes me want to get up and dance a bit :) Lepinja is so good – I just finished the last piece in the house and plan to go get more in a couple of hours. The other thing I really like are the Serbian sesame rings that are like bagels, before they became bagels… oh and zuzu!

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Details @ARE_you_kidding_me . Kneaded? no-knead? grains? leavening agent?

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I used to bake my chickens bread in my bread machine. haha
A whole grain flour and then tossed in about a cup of cracked corn, red millet, barley, and baked the hens a loaf. Once a friend dropped in while the loaf was cooling and almost cut into it before I told them they would have a mouthful of cracked teeth from eating my chicken scratch bread. lol

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It probably smelled fantastic!

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My fav is no-knead. Just a few ingredients and stupid easy to make. I usually throw in some rosemary

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Not a lot of variety here and I’m too lazy to make the drive over the mountain to the store that sells fresh bread, so I bake my own. It’s a simple recipe I got from an octagenarian Cuban abuela who had been cooking for her large family since the beginning of time; a fine cook. I throw some dough into the oven and a few minutes later out come ten inch baguettes of crisp crusted aromatic bread.

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No-knead is a great way to go. I always marvel at how fantastic the bread is with comparatively little effort. Though kneading is great when punching someone in the head isn’t an option.

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Boudin Sourdough. I rarely get to eat it since I live in VA, but it’s objectively the best bread on the planet.

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@gorillapaws – I have to love that they have a Sourdough Bread Club.

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@BellaB Yeah, I think I may just have to sign up for that :)

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I love cherry strudels.

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Just the printed ones with the faces of dead Presidents on them.

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cinnamon raisin toast with a dab of real butter and hot black coffee

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San Francisco sourdough. Being from the area, I have access to all kinds of fantastic sourdough bread. It’s always been my favorite type.

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Do English muffins count? The pockets are made for molten butter.

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I love sourdough but I’ve been on a long-term Italian and French bread thing. My supermarket deli always has freshly baked one or the other or two baguettes for $1.00. Every time I go in I grab a loaf.

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@MooCows – cinnamon raisin toast! great reminder of what can be a great bread.

@johnpowell – of course English muffins count!

as I read along , it seems like several of the best choices are good butter carriers :)

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I love a good Jewish rye or pumpernickel – the kinds with a really tough crust and chewy insides. Unsliced, cut thickly with butter.

But my very favorite bread is kind of a cross between sourdough and Italian that you occasionally can find at some bakeries and restaurants. Again, thickly cut and buttered. Chez Panisse in Berkeley has it and a small restaurant here in Asbury Park that doles it out like it’s gold.

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Here @BellaB to resurrect this bread thread. This is my favorite local sourdough, made just up the mountain from me here and delivered fresh to all the stores in town.

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Ohhhh. That Kalamata Ciabatta Loaf looks fantastic.

I have developed a bit of a thing, a penchant, for olive breads.

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@BellaB oooh yes, just yes! haha
I could live on good bread, good cheeses olives and fruit.

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Oh yes. There is a very silly set of photos of a get-together I had with some friends at a pub where you bring your own food. We brought olives, crackers, bread, good cheeses, figs and some fancy meats. So tasty. We’ve done that a few times. The people who just bring in a pizza or egg rolls always comment on how good our spread looks.

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