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What is the best cooler to take camping?

Asked by richmarshall (1042points) April 28th, 2008

Have you found a cooler that works better than others for keeping food and drinks cold? We usually take dry ice in the coolers, but that can turn food into solid ice sometimes. What works best for you?

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Go with block ice and a cooler which keeps the food raised and above the block asnd melted water. Had one but don’t recall the brand.

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My family has always used those big Coleman coolers. What works best is just trying to not open the cooler to get stuff unless you really need too.
I envy you! I havent gone camping in forever… I love camping!! Have fun!

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the one filled with beer!

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Don’t forget one that has wheels on it. Those are grand!

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oh yeah! Beer gets heavy!!!

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Coleman extreme are good coolers, and keep stuff cold for five days. If you have unlimited budget you could try the ARB fridge/freeze. It is over $1000 USD, but can actually keep icecream frozen in death valley. It is twelve volt and plugs into you car, and rocks. I think the website is

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Don’t settle for anything less than this.

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cool peedub!

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@ loser..definatly, beer is a camping staple.

@ peedub..nice, where do I get one of those?

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Can I just say that website is bad ass?

Apparently Ellen is a fan of the cooler train.

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get two ice chest. Fill one with dry ice for stuff you need 3–4 later. Fill the second ice chest w the largest block of ices also make sure this chest is the one w a spigot on the bottom so that you can use the melted water to wash your hand. Use this chest for day 1–2. Also keep everything you wanted put in the ice chest in ur freezer/refrigerator the night before

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