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What are some little things people do that annoy you?

Asked by erichw1504 (26443points) June 27th, 2011

What are the little things that just annoy you to no end? How often do you experience these annoyances? What do you do about it, if anything? Why do you think they do it?

What do you do that others find annoying?

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I get really irritated when something is chewing with their mouth open.

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1. smacking food
2. popping gum
3. repeatedly mispronouncing words, even though they’ve already been “corrected”. UGH (my husband’s uncle says “varely” instead of “barely”, and “simyooler” instead of “similar”. Drives me up the fucking wall.

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There are SO many, too many to list. I hate small talk, people moving too slowly, tourists with open maps blocking subway entrances, leering men who catcall and then insult me because I didn’t stop and flash them (presumably) after their hissing in my direction, people acting like they’re the shit when they’re not and having guns on you doesn’t make you the shit, you’re only dangerous because you have a weapon and too little a brain, it doesn’t actually make YOU any cooler or scarier, etc. etc.

As for me, what annoyns people is that I never forget their hipocrisy and I don’t let them slip just because they’re my friends. I will always be straight with them and tell them they’re acting like babies, etc. Some don’t like how blunt I am or how forthright.

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When someone clears their throat literally every 15 minutes.

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When the entire goddamn family blocks the aisle in the store. Or has their family reunion and does the same.

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When people are standing, milling around at the back part of the fast food restaurant, and when I go up to, the counter to order, they yell at me because apparently they were in line to order, even though they were about 50 feet from the counter.

The opposite of this is when I see those same people (different day) standing directly at the counter, so I get in line right behind them. Then about 5 minutes go past and they are handed a bag of food, so I ask, “Is this the line to order?” And those people give me and up and down look, a dirty look and rudely say, “No!”

It is partly the fault of certain restaurants (McDonalds and Jack in the Box are the worst) for not having any stanchions or signs, or painted lines on the floor directing people where to order, and then where to wait after they’ve ordered. Del Taco actually does a pretty good job, so cudos to them.

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It also annoys me when @Adirondackwannabe calls me another woman’s name in the heat of passion. <sniffle> Hurts my widdle feewings.

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Mosquitos are at the top of my list…and people who don’t read the question all the way through XD

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Blue tooth headsets. They do not make anyone look cool. .

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@WillWorkForChocolate I’m good in the sack. I didn’t say I was good with names.

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@lucillelucillelucille I thought mosquitoes were insects, not humans?

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Driving 30 in a 50.

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Hocking loogies on the sidewalk as I walk by.
Texting while driving or talking to someone who is standing right in front of you.
Yelling into the cell phone.
People who have their kids on leashes.
Blowing cigarette smoke on the street.
People who pretend they don’t remember something they promised you or something they said.

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@erichw1504—Didn’t read my answer all the way through,did ya??—XD
I cannot think of a pet peeve I have with people right now and I don’t want to I guess.I am in such a good mood today,that no little thing anyone does has the power to affect me in any way! ;)
My cavalier attitude can annoy the fuck out of uptight people,I suppose…but then,who cares? XD

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Being really loud in a restaurant or subway, airport etc.

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@lucillelucillelucille How about folks driving 30 in a 50 (‘round our parts)?

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When they keep arguing when I show them their mistakes.

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@Jude —I throw a Bunny’s Ice cream cone in their window as I pass them.
I like to share!— XD

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When someone asks me the time in the street & then uses this as an excuse to strike up a conversation, usually about the weather or the pretty birdy’s.
I got stuff to do “Billy no mates!!” XD

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Impatient drivers and Debbie Downers, to name a few.

@WillWorkForChocolate Jon and I know someone who says spense instead of expense. “Wasting food is a spense”, she’ll say. We love using that word as a joke now. Another one is chimley instead of chimney. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry when I hear these.

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@jonsblond UGH! Yeah, I’ve heard “chimley” too. And I just can’t deal with “new-kyoo-ler” or “ree-la-ter” either. It’s the English bitch in me, rearing it’s ugly head.

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When people “talk over” others, or interrupt them preventing them from finishing their thought when they are having a conversation. Or when they always seem to have the final word and be the authority on every topic.

When people appear to feel superior to others because they may know more about a given subject or have a higher level of education. Or feel superior because they are deemed to be more attractive or wealthier.

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Ditto, I hate that too, pisses me off no end, people butting in to others coversations, ignorant BAR- STUARDS :-) Lol….. @WillWorkForChocolate

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My biggest annoyance is when people stare at my mother or husband who are physically disabled. Yes I know it’s curiosity most of the time, but man! And I’m not talking about glancing because even I do that when I see something different, but blatant staring.

Doesn’t bother my loved ones too much it seems. There was on time my husband stared down a person staring at him. My husband kept staring at the person till he noticed and turned away.

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When people tell me to “hit them up.” Ugh.
When people bite down on spoons.
People who drive with their blinker on. Conversely, people who signal after they’ve started switching lanes.
When people speak and they say “like” a million times.
When people ask me to do something, then get mad when I don’t do it their way.
And lastly, and quite generally, liars and hypocrites.

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@rOs – Bluetooth headsets bug the bejeezus out of me too! Like the woman in the Keystone Light ad.

A recent annoyance: people who text while walking on a busy sidewalk and walk right into everyone because they’re not watching where they’re going. I see these people almost every day and I want to rip the phones out of their hands!

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Things that other people do that annoy me. Of course there are the endless grammatical errors that people make (their/there/they’re, your/you’re, apostrophes in plural words, etc) that should just be common knowledge not to make. People who abbreviate ‘etc’ as ‘ect’. People who act superior about something when they’re clearly not, people trying to look cool when they’re doing something stupid, and people who try to make you feel stupid even when you’re correct about something.

Things I do that annoy other people are probably drinking way too loudly, chewing my gum too loudly, talking too much, and definitely talking too loudly. I complain too much, and I’m a negative person at times.

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At four way stops, when someone doesn’t wait their turn. It makes me furious. I really try to not let anything get me road rage furious.

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When they think they know what’s going on inside my head. They almost always fail at guessing what I think, but they insist that they’re correct. I’m the only one inside my head so I’m pretty damn sure I would know!

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People who drive too close to the front of my truck.

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@woodcutter That is hilarious.

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When people get a reality show of their uninteresting lives.

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Speakerphone usage in the cubical-farm. I.e. with only one party on this end. That is so &$##@% distracting and unnecessary.

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I hate it when people stop right in front of me whenever I am walking somewhere.

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Tailgating. Tailgating. Tailgating. Tailgating.

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Eat loudly, or talk with food in their mouth. That’s bloody foul.

My roomie always comes in my room while puffing on a joint, and that annoys me to no end. I don’t like the smell of it, and I’ve told her countless times not to come in here with that. She won’t listen.

When people walk all slow in front of me, and when people don’t look where they’re going while walking.

People who walk with their shoes or boots on in my place.

What I do that annoys people;

I like hiding places and scaring people. I get mostly negative feedback and sour faces. I can’t help it though, it’s funny.

Apparently it’s annoying that I sleep in on the weekends.

That I always take such a long time in the shower.

@Seelix I want to rip their heads off.

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Interrupting even if they see someone on a phone.
Why do they assume they’re any more important than someone you’re helping by phone?

Leaving garbage lying about when they visit a business.
People are absolute pigs when they visit our showrooms even though we have waste bins everywhere.

Knock things down and then walk away
I see this in grocery stores and also clothing stores. What’s the big deal about picking the stuff back up where it got bumped/knocked/pulled it down from? Do they think it’s beneath them?

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Petty minded bullshit, in all it’s tedious forms.

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Two fast food pet peeves:

When people leave their table in a fast food place or food court, and leave their tray on the table with all their trash even though they have to pass the garbage can in order to leave.

When people who do throw away their fast food garbage take great pains to hold on to the paper trayliner while dumping their tray. They don’t reuse them, people!

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When you don’t use your turn signals. It’s right at the touch of your fingertips, there’s no excuse not to use it.

People who can’t park for crap. They’ll take up two entire spaces because they can’t park straight or there won’t be room enough for you car because they’re too far over in your space. How these people got their license is beyond me.

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- Gossip. Whenever someone tries to do it in my presence I either ask them to stop, or I just leave. I mean, if you’re talking about everybody else when they are not present, then I don’t trust you. Simple, right? I’ve heard people actually complain they can’t do any gossipping around me! – Seriously, wth? You just openly admitted to blabbing on about someone people their backs, as if it were perfectly normal <grrr>

- Google’s automatic location detector (whatever it’s called). F*ck that sh*t.

- People not listening to waht you say, just nodding and uh-huh-ing so that you shut up and let them talk. If you don’t care what I have to say, why bother talking to me in the first place? Honestly, sometimes it feels like nobody listens to anybody anymore, there are just series of monologs going on between people LOL…

I used to get pissed off at people jumping the queue in traffic, but ever since I perfected that myself I no longer do :P Park like an idiot though (& be foolish enough to stick around), and I will rip your head off. Have a nice day! ;-)

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Something similar to @fremen_warrior… at our post office there are three parking spots right at the building, one of which is for handicapped parking. Then, there are about twelve spots a very small distance from there. I get very annoyed when someone decides to park next to the last spot by the building. It is not a parking spot, people! They’re blocking the ramp that is sometimes used to take things in and out of the building. And, if the trash collectors come, they’re making access to the dumpster more difficult. As well, if a car needs to get around someone using the drive-up mailbox, it’s a tight squeeze. I really wish the post office would mark that area with striped lines to make it obvious that it’s not a parking spot.

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1) Obnoxious parents who curse, scream, hit and humiliate their children in the street (or anywhere else for that matter) because they are frustrated and then get angry when you look at them with contempt. Yea, that was me shaking my head at you in disgust. Pick on someone your own f**king size! For bloody sake the kid is two years old, of course he made pee-pee in his pants you moron!!
2) A guy I know who has a shit fetish. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t judge… but he is always trying to KISS me. Just the thought of what could have been in his mouth the night before (he’s married) makes me want to f**king wretch!!!

Things I do to piss people off:
1) Reading while your talking to me. Why? Because what you are saying is not as interesting as the book I’m reading.
2) Not returning phone calls or not picking up the phone when you call. Why? Because I don’t like the phone and you talk either too much or you bore me.
3) My eyes are bigger than my stomach. I will get mad if I don’t get all the food I want but then will leave more than half of the food on the plate when I get full. Why? My stomach is the size of a walnut.

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Vegans trying to say all non-vegans are unethical and that their dumb diet is healthiest. What to do? I just try to reason with them. They are mindless fanatics.

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