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What is the weirdest thing you've ever done?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23983points) June 22nd, 2010

The weirdest, most off-the-wall thing that you have ever done. What is it?

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Ask out my 2 best friends from high school. If it went wrong, it could’ve ruined our friendship. But Fate was on our side.

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How much time do you have??LOL!

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Lock picked some twenty bicycles and only took the locks with us and left the bikes lockless.
Bear in mind i was about fourteen years old.
Peed from atop of an 100 meter high church tower.

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This one is easy!! I took ballroom dancing in college. In bad Florshei m shoes shoes no less!! That was so freaking surreal! Yes I did!! lol!

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The first one (of many) that came to mind was the time that my best friend and I touched a soda can tab to a filling in each of our mouths to see if there was a charge or spark or anything. I think we drooled and laughed so much that the experiment was a bust.

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You may need to define “weird”. All I’ve read so far and can think of are examples of something different, stupid or daring. I’ve got a few examples of each.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Define it however you want, and answer as you see fit. :)

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I’ll bet we don’t really have a good perspective on our own weirdness. Things that seem reasonable to us at the time, or at least explainable as an impulse, might seem totally bizarre and unique to others. I don’t feel as if I’ve done a lot of weird things, but instinct tells me that others might disagree.

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I walked on hot coals once.

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@Jeruba As usual, you have a valid point.

So I’ve finally thought of one that may only be weird to me. I had a dream that Tom Cruise and I were in love. Yuck.

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* Nibbled on the ear of a girl that I had barely met—(W;ve been married for over nine years now)

* French-kissed a US Marine and feigned homosexuality to escape from a hooker.

* Pretty much everything that happened the two times I was in Hong Kong

* “Smuggled” a copy of The Illuminatus Trilogy into Boot Camp under the guise of it being a religious text.—Not entirely false at the time either…_

* Wandered around town wearing a WWI gas mask

I will add more if I remember since I have done quite a few weird things in my life; I just don’t know which ones I feel are worthy of mention here. (Well, that and the statute of limitations may not have run out on some of them)

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My friend Bill did one of the funniest things ever, and it was pretty weird.
Bill went to a phone company training program for 6 weeks, learning how to splice.
This is generally a man’s job, and certainly a butch job.
Bill went to the classes wearing a white shirt, with a red bra on underneath (he had very pale skin, and it really was noticable) just to mess with people.

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This was more off the wall than weird, but years ago we use to play a game call dare (don’t recall the rules). Anyway, I and my partner finally had to take a dare and it was to go outside and make snow angels (you know when you lay in the snow and spread your arms and legs up and down several times). Of course the dare included being naked. We did it. Glad I was half drunk.

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@AmWiser It would be really weird if you had done it on your own. So a nod to the person who came up with the idea.

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@Pied_Pfeffer you’re so right and it was my eviller then me sister. She really got me good for all the things I did to her and my brother when we were kids.

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I streaked around the South Pole marker (boots only) at a delta-T of 200F. Thus, I was initiated into the “200 Club”. I also held a coat for the first lady to be initiated into the Club.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land What….the….fuck?! Seriously?! XD Sounds fun!

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@Draconess25 Got the plaque and the T-shirt. :^D

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land That’s even weirder than the various things I’ve done with my cousins!

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I did you know what with Vick’s Vapor Rub.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land I would say that that takes balls, but I’m pretty sure that yours either froze and fell of or are still somewhere up in your rib cage.

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I got wasted, spent all of my money on drinks and took a taxi home knowing I didn’t have the money and just walked out of the car like it was all good lol. So yeah….cops followed shortly after. A chief on my ship paid for me.

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Did a tightrope walk going from one skyscraper to the other at a height of 100 floors! Good uh? Bear in mind that I have acute acrophobia!!!!!!!!!

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land, do you mean the first woman? or actually the First Lady—the president’s wife?

Either way, that was a streak of some distinction.

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@Blackberry At least when I did that, I had the sense to pick my (passed out) shipmate’s pocket for the cab fare. Good thing he was E-4 and thus had more money than me or else it would’ve sucked.

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Me and my friends stole the City flag from Gatlinburg, TN when we visited the Smoky Mountains 12 years ago. I was just guarding and didn’t do the actual swiping nor was it my idea. Walking on the roof top in the early AM just before checking out to do this act is rather weird.

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@Jeruba The first female to be initiated into the 200 Club.

@jerv That is the part of the male anatomy that feels the cold first (they felt like they were near the rib cage after the run). The ladies report that boobage feels the cold worst.

The whole thing is about a 100 yard dash, about a minute or so, with safety monitors posted. Usually a sauna has to be used to get the delta-T to 200F. In my case, we ran from a 130F sauna into -70F outdoor temperature.

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kiss a pig at a high school pep rally my first year teaching…..

put a bumper sticker on my car with a drunk boy toy at night, necked in the rain

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@jerv Lol! I guess that’s why we use the buddy system, I didn’t have one then.

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I taught science at a private conservative Christian school.

Now, that was weird. On so many levels.

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Took polaroids of myself pretending to masturbate so that a friend of mine could mail them to my parents if I didn’t hold up my end of an agreement we had made.

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Posed nude (sketching) for my now girlfriend after only knowing her for two weeks.

That’s all that I can think of. Is that even weird? Lame, I know.

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@jjmah That’s not weird. It’s beautiful and trusting.

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When I was 12, My cousins Ben & Andy, their friend TJ, & I got high on….something. I dunno what Andy was spraying around the basement. I was just kinda standing there, mumbling to myself. Ben was making balloons out of condoms, & whining when they wouldn’t float. And TJ stabbed me in the bum with a chocolate-filled syringe. Oh, & we were tossing around a giant exercise ball.

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In fifth grade I used to kiss two eighth grade girls in an alley if they would give me a snickers.

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When I was 11 I was making a tent with the boy next door, who was my good friend. He was under the blanket holding up the pole. I hammered in the “pole”, VERY HARD, but it wasn’t the pole… it was his head. He was taken to the hospital with a very bad concussion. His dad came to my house drunk and pounded my dad, big time! That’s what made it the weirdest thing… watching my dad get messed up because of what I did.

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Let my dad get drunk at my best friends leaving party, then watching him sing kings of leon, ‘Your sex is on fire’ on her sing star game… im 12 ,for gods sake dad, do you want me damaged for LIFE!!!

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@lou98 I am actually laughin out loud. too freakin funny

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might be inappropriate(i’m not a good speller)but once my friend came over and we took off our pants and had a catwalk in a position of a cat

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oh ya and i also jumped on a saw the sharp edge part and it sliced my toe in the middle and my toe almost got cut off i did it when i was three so i am not dumb

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Around the same eighth grade era as the Vick’s incident me and my friends were into lighting our farts. One night I felt a huge one coming on. I jumped out of bed, got my lighter, and assumed the proper position on my back in bed – legs in the air. I shot a big orange flame out of me buttocks about a foot long – no joke. I was only wearing briefs at the time. I burnt a hole through my underwear and I had blisters round the sphincter.

The worst part of it all: no one else was there to see it happen

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I lost my virginity at age nine to an eleven year old girl. It freaks me out to think about that now.

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Sending starships to a planet 82 light-years from Earth.

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@mattbrowne Just curious…why is that weird?

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@Pied_Pfeffer – Because the starships contain frozen human embryos.

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you know one mans idea of off the wall can be another mans idea of the norm…. i have experienced a lot of weird shit in my life…anywhere from sexual encounters to eating acid so with all that being said….. id have to say i once hookied up with a coworker inside a produce cooler at the grocery store i worked at….. i dunno maybe thats a little tame but cant let all the skeletons out of the closet i guess ;)

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sorting and storing frozen human embryos 82 light years away from earth :)

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@crazydreams Did you come back to get your deposit back from the containers?

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@filmfann No, was just peckish, fancied a maccy d’s :p

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