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What's the best software to help my daughter learn online?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) June 27th, 2011

My daughter scored average to above average on the Stanford Achievement Test and we’d like to find online software to help her practice and study over the Summer in areas including Math, Language, Spelling, and Reading. What is the best, most engaging, most effective online study curriculum for someone entering the 3rd grade? We’re thinking of getting her a dedicated iPad if that makes a difference…

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What do you expect the score to change by? The average score is 50 percentile and a score change to 75 percentile would be an impossible change. A score of 55 percentile would be possible. Most of the test is reading skills centered. A lot of reading for speed and content would help make the test easier and might increase the score.

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Thanks @Tropical_Willie, sounds like you’re familiar with this test. Her scores were in 70’s except for Language which was around 50. We’re concerned she might not be getting enough attention to her reading skills in the classroom.

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Thinkwell Math or Singapore Math are good for basics to challenging.

Grammarlogues seems to be great software for grammar. for the classics read to you by volunteers at my favourite price: free.

The Teaching Co. for dvds on anything you can imagine. Our favourites are the Joy of Thinking and the Joy of Math.

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@pallen123 I second all of the links provided by @tranquilsea.

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Oh and you may also want to check out Homeschool Buyer’s Co-Op as they have great sales on through the year on a wide variety of home based learning. There’s a last call for Brainware Safari that I have heard great reviews for.

We also use Plato Science and the kids love it.

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